Patient diary. Part 2

It is a country that has been in the middle of the two thousandths. naturally say, survive. And yes, 18+, there is an appreciation profanity and everything.

Chapter 5. Why do you poison?

And what about me, it turns out, it’s going through the hospital stories, which, of course, has reached up to all my friends. I entered this non-profit I was hellishly drunk. To which I, of course, was surprised. I was told that I was rushing around the table and something like: “B * yapashlivsena uimudaki !!!” Honestly? I was not shouting there, but how should I be? Xs how it was cleaned up

Chapter 6. The end of the free drape

I was still … I was still lying on my head … It was not touching them. Scum, anyway. I tried to bring something tasty, but I couldn’t even drink water. Not to mention the beer. Fed still straight into the vein. It is convenient, even the chewing doesn’t need anything.

It was already Wednesday. By lunchtime, I was again a little bit easier. The nurse probably felt remorse and threw a double dose to me. This is not the same maza, but it is not necessary, however, nevertheless, all the same. The dream has begun. I love you. I felt just awesome good, and I’ve been thinking about it, thinking it was burning too. Then it became numlyaavsche … “I’m here and I’m not always disconnected …” from the tubes. The evening was not the most fun. It was a grand celebration of the last day, but …

It was a time when it came to the half-morgue building. I’ve been on my mobile phone. I’m not wanting to fly anywhere. Then I was asked I was already preparing to choose which ones, but it turned out that almost everything. First from the ass. I already sighed (not ass!). Then from the nose in one motion. I asked you to wait for your baby.

Then the boys returned. We went quietly. One had a black bag in his hands. “Akhtung!”, – I would like to have a drink. Closed doors. We got out of there … fumlya, PEARS !!! I cried. I asked them for a conspiracy, for which I received the answer. So, all the same with ** zdili. The boys are carefully shared, but I refused. Damn it a whole fruit. I already thought that the aliens encoded their brain. For example: I love you again after … … Where I flew, then it was glamorous and gothic … Somewhere between Edelweiss and Jomolungma …

I woke up at night because I wanted to piss. Blah, I want you to spend three days, but here you are! It seems to be the piss really was a hunt. Then I threw off the bed, sat on the bed. I realized that I wasn’t a mistake. Then, I got to my feet. (here, by the way, a strange moment. I’ve already seen at that time. And I’m not able to pull it out until the air is flushed. So the devil knows that really. Here I realized that I was not at home on this planet. Everything was more than unusual. The wall was not the same as the floor. But I boldly took it a step, feeling myself in outer space. But the positive was not felt. Then one of the boys woke up. He jumped up, he grabbed me up and down, saying that he was done Here is the poor thing. Two phrases: “What are you, o * uel? (after a pause) Well, yes by * y. And left, taking the catheter. I couldn’t have been a tol. And I dreamed that night a foot ball …

The morning was sunny. But it wouldn’t be me again. Öpt, it is seriously upset me … But it was one thing. It’s not bad too. It was very touching. Until any evening me touch anymore. But at 7 o’clock a nurse came in and asked: “Do you want a poke?”. I’m surprised at what I’m like for your first time today. “Well, then we will force,” – she replied. At first they stuffed me with something. No effect whatsoever. Then they promised an enema. I must say that it is a small pearl. I didn’t poke my eyes. He came up with it.

A large rubber heater and a plastic tip !!! “* Uyase”, – I thought. Probably guys too.
When they poured water into my intestines, I’ve really been a rod. Infused liter. “First,” the nurse said, adding half a liter. The second went harder. I couldn’t strained all the muscles that I could still strain. Already asked permission to poke. It came in the window. They wanted to see if I knocked out one frame or both. But what you ended up with … nishtyak … The moral of this chapter is: how much shit in each of us!

Chapter 7. We all used to be Gagarin

It’s Friday. He has reached the end of the day. I told you what I can rise from the crib. Only need to bandage bandage. Informative: bandage – fuck to bandage his stomach. Even a bed sheet will do. Otherwise, it can be taken away from the floor and carried in your pocket. Gee, joke! Need to sew again. Well, I was bandaged with a bed sheet. I tried to get up. Officially – you know that the second time. At first I just sat down. And got into bed. “The earth in the window is visible …” I was asked: “Well, how?”. He replied that he would have been better. They told me to break off. I promised that I would put them on the floor. But this later. In the meantime, I got out of bed. I cant be compared with the coolest effects of 3d max. There were a lot of colors, and they were merged. I stood for a moment, a bit of harshness appeared, and I took a step. The painting “We master the moon.” Nikuyevo. Then the second. Blah, it was hard. But then flooded. Immediately went out into the corridor. There were people there. Lot. I confidently went ahead. To the toilet. It was an end to the toilet. Mastered He returned from overwork. But the sensations were funny. Count, no worse than Quake. It would be possible to play around with coats. I rested a bit and went on. So it went all day: lay down – walked, lay down – walked.

Funny episode during sleep-hours. I lie, sleep, do not touch anyone. But I feel, nah, half asleep, that someone is standing over me. I am a female person. But personally, I was not familiar with it. “Nudapo * y,” I think, and I say: “Hi!”. Naturally, questions about how I feel; Naturally, a blatant lie that is already in order. Then it gets to me. “They sent her to kill me,” flashed through my mind. Exactly, this is a mockery. “Eat an ice cream, maybe yours will swell up and crawl out.” About * yut … I refused, and expressed very correctly. But internally, I just went nuts.

So, until the evening I developed legs that atrophied in four days of useless lying. Five days have been passed to this place.

Sometimes brought new customers. Diagnoses also button accordions: appendicitis, ulcers, and so on. I didn’t add. Only in the enema of water added. And that’s all.

He tried to read smart books from non-working, such as “Crime and Punishment”, didn’t master many letters. Detectives, one by one. It was read.

The evenings were unreally boring. Because, nah, I wanted to. Joke He backed up again. Vodka did not want to. But take a walk … As much as possible (vomlya!) Poking out. This is not a stench of this crypt. When someone started knocking, I made a brick face and went out. While I enjoyed the “walk” type.

The hospital is a green color. Fulling!

The weekend has come. Doc, who was cutting me, didn’t come to the hospital. In white coats. One was particularly noteworthy. He had a cap on his head. Not a clown, tries. But the trick is. I thought it was just above the eyebrows, it is an emptiness. Those. cap And from this I sometimes neighing. It was painful to laugh, but funny anyway. This pepper then gave awesome pearls, which will be discussed another time. He didn’t cut me, otherwise I wouldn’t have counted some organs. He would certainly have sold something abroad.

I was already hanging around. I said that tomorrow will be a week. Doc summed up: “Well, then it’s time to remove the seams,”

I was once cut. And in fact, nothing, na, super-ordinary did not happen. It is a kind of agglomeration that has been carried out. Week is gone. For the whole life.

Chapter 8. Uncountable Monday

Exactly a week has passed. Blah Really zae * alsya. But I still didn’t know what the punishment was. And I would not know better. It was just “The Best Fu * king”.

So, first things first. Doc came (flew?), As usual, to come early in the morning. During the detour, I approached me. I didn’t understand. “Well, blah, zaebtsa,” I thought, “But before my procedure, I’ve seen a couple of painkiller cubes.” If you carefully read the number, first tube completely painlessly. And then something dangerous was brewing. And it hurts … Ass shrank. And an atrophied brain too. Then I’m looking for a frustration of a nurse. I experienced without any interference. But the order of the authorities was obliged to perform.

I’m waiting for the dressing room. Called when anesthetic passed. This is, uh, subtle medical humor. So atrociously can only joke in this semi-morge. But I’m used to it. When I entered the dressing room, I felt scared. Where it should be, approached the dock. Adhesive stripes. I tolerated it, almost paying no attention. Only occasionally howled when it was sick. Here is the dock that I had not seen before. Something like tweezers, only long ones. “Hands on your head,” he said. With thoughts “Not funny,” I did it. He removed the napkin with tweezers, which was near the second tube. I took scissors and cut threads. He pulled out of the tube. But when he said the phrase: “I’m prepared for the worst. And did not lose …

Doc has become one of the garbage out of me. Something like gauze or bandage. I yelled like people do not yell. It was my opinion. And doc, bitch, still pulling. Finally, it’s helping to clean up the tool. If you’re glueing up the windows for the winter. Anyway, fit. But this, na, is not all. Let me just leave.

Then he took a small gauze pad with the same tweezers. He has just pulled the drainage. I am in her abdominal cavity. Feelings – just memoriz. I found the fourth dimension. I just can’t find it.

When he pulled it up It is not good to use it. Although they certainly have been able to. But apparently it was made of iron, and regretted.

They let me go. I entered their mouths. I warned that I’m fucking fucking awesome. “Why,” I thought, and lay down on the bed. I just got suffered. For all this from me.
Somehow I didn’t really want to get out of bed that day. Went rarely, lay more, nah. And thought, and thought …

My temperature rose A nurse came and said. I would like to be able to rinse me again. In the meantime, I’ve been in the meantime, I’ve been in the meantime. Iniipet!

Patient diary. Part 2

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