Patriotism at the price of a barrel

I’m going to be on a trip to the middle of the world. , is a child. It was a good idea to make it to the Donbass, to take away the Pindos from Alaska. ”

Advertisment, educated people, they were delighted with the Crimean spring, Geeropa’s disgusting monkeys – Makarevich and Shevchuk. It is a clear idea that I’m guilty. This term was just in vogue. What is a surreal nonsense? Oil cost $ 113 a barrel.

It was her rule that she wasn’t hesitating, she wasn’t it has been a hot day for freedom of life. Oil costs $ 44.

Apparently from foreign shores.

A year ago, “liberals” would certainly have appeared in the story of emigration. They were too noticeable. Those who left were from “dissatisfied”. The “Russian spring” didn’t warm them; He didn’t want them. It’s true that they’re not going to be there. They talked. Insults followed them, saying cowardly rats fleeing from a victorious ship.

There has been a posting of “patriotic” slogans on Facebook, even from the airport’s departure line.

Why, and, most importantly, from what they run. Some confusedly explain about the collapse of education and shrug: “you know, Others are about business: “well, you must understand, the crisis is completely, and we bought all the components.” I’m not afraid of you, I’m not sure, I’m not afraid of you. You have to understand, I have a family. “

Is it worth drawing conclusions? I think no. Everyone will do it himself. But last year’s dissenters look for more honest and frank than today’s patriots who are looking for warmer places. It will only be a pity if you need it.

Patriotism at the price of a barrel

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