Patrol Tips

TYR Group LLC creatively rethought B-52 tips

  1. When planning the operation The most landing landing pad is from you.
  2. Do not cut the map too close to the action area. Always leave 5-10 kilometers around the area.
  3. The amount of water in the action area. Choose water intake locations by planning a route.
  4. Check out what the secrets of secrecy are.
  5. Always carry cards and notebooks in waterproof pads.
  6. For notes while on a mission. Ink blurs when wet.
  7. Check out the uniform and equipment lights, especially the radio stations and the radio lights.
  8. Having decided to sneeze, press on the lip. Sneezing will be prevented.
  9. Bring patches, bring along a bottle of cold medicine.
  10. All the medications should be known.
  11. It should be noted that it was necessary to prevent any loss of equipment if it was not used.
  12. If someone is injured.
  13. Attach the flap and prevent the loss.
  14. Always have at least one set of weapons to clean.
  15. At any time, you need to know what the main and backup collection point is. It is the distance between the gathering point and the landing pad.
  16. Never take photos of team members on patrol. It will receive invaluable information.
  17. Stop by listening. Move 20-30 minutes, stop for 5-10 minutes. Do unequal intervals.
  18. Be alert all the time. You are not safe until you are back at base.
  19. This is an obvious trace.
  20. Spray repellent around the boots, pants, waistband and cuffs.
  21. Save water. However, it’s possible that it’s patrol is detected.
  22. Constantly double-check your guide to make sure it’s moving in the correct azimuth. Do not arrange training on using compass in patrol. Use the terrain to your advantage.
  23. Being pursued by trackers, often change direction.
  24. If you need to cough up, cough in a hat or handkerchief, hiding the noise.
  25. Never take off the load, day or night.
  26. More than a few of the patrols at a time. Never remove both boots at the same time.
  27. If you’re a member of the patrol, you’re showing a trench leg, a pair of p p The aggravate of the transition to the team.
  28. It helps to prevent trenching feet.
  29. Gloves will help you save your hands.
  30. Avoid excessive confidence. It is a fact that it’s not.
  31. Observe the light and sound masking.
  32. Correct all errors and team members.
  33. During the preparation of the ambush.
  34. Never make fires for cooking or heating. At the same time, it should be noted.
  35. For 40-60 mters around the perimeter.
  36. All team members should take notes during the patrol and, if possible, compare them. Each fighter should be able to keep track of each operation.
  37. In addition to transmitting signals, it should be noted.
  38. It is possible to take into account the pits and cracks. Otherwise, it will be noticeable.
  39. Consider all trails (old and new), streams, and open spaces as a potential threat.
  40. Take spare socks and talc on patrol.
  41. At the short stops, do not remove the backpack and stay alert. The card will not be removed until the perimeter is checked (see 35). Do not leave trash, carry everything in bags.
  42. Do not choose the predictable path.
  43. It is a valuable approach in terms of information than his weapon.

Patrol Tips

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