PCP air rifle: advantages and disadvantages

PCP air rifles (Pre-Charged Pneumatic) provide compressed air, which is consumed from the tank. It is a process of 200-300 atm. The number of shots without refueling can be made. There are no rifles on the PCF rifles range from 30 to 120.

To understand in more detail how it works PCP rifle Acceptance of the airgun, consider the advantages and disadvantages.

Effortless recharging

PCP pneumatics are easily recharged, especially when compared with a spring-piston rifle, that is, when you’ve been using a fatigue. It has been noted that it has been the case that it has been reckoned. barrel.

It is not clear that there is a need to make a difference. At the same time there is a pull back bullets rammer. After the spraying of the spring, the rammer pushes the next bullet. Thus, the recharge is made completely without human intervention. Bullets in just 2 seconds.

Optimum design

The design of the PCP air rifle is simple and convenient. The bottom line of the moving parts. In the PCP rifle, it is necessary to adjust the power of the shot. There is no doubt that this is the case.

An experienced shooter with shots easily falls into “ten” shots from a distance of 50 m. All the main types of weapons are compact and light in weight, which is very convenient, especially during long hunting.

High quality firing series

It is clear that the PCP has a number of shots that you can use. which negatively affects the flight path and, accordingly, accuracy. It’s not a problem, but it’s not a problem.

Decade rifle

PCP air rifles will be as long as possible with proper care. If we talk about a cylinder with air, then the service life is almost endless. Even with intensive use, it is subject to minimal wear. It is a fact that separate.

destructive force

Power shot in PCP pneumatics rifles. In addition, you can adjust the system, and most often, helium. It is a higher compressibility than ordinary air. When fired, the speed of a bullet reaches 320m / s. Such power is quite sufficient for wild boar or deer.

Disadvantages of using additional equipment

The main disadvantage of PCP airguns is the gas cylinders or pumps. There are some inconveniences during the transportation and purchasing cylinders. In addition, it needs to be taken into account for its explosiveness. Therefore, the rifle itself is somewhat offset. In addition, it is not necessary to find out what you need in any case.

It has been a huge army of fans, which has been growing. Rifles and improved shooting performance.

According to the site Weapon-Shop.ru

Advantages and disadvantages of PCP air rifles

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