Peanuts or peanuts, healthy properties, peanut liquor recipe for whiskey.

Peanuts, aka peanuts, come from Central America. Even in the treasures of the ancient Indians found vases in the form of peanuts and decorated with ornaments from it. Later, after the conquest of America, peanuts spread to other continents and countries..

Peanuts or peanuts, useful properties, peanut liquor recipe for whiskey.

Peanuts are an annual low herbaceous plant in the legume family. It is called peanut because the ovary of the future fruit ripens, bends to the ground, burrows into the soil, where it ripens. This phenomenon is called “geocarpy” (the development of fruits in the earth).

Peanuts or peanuts, healthy properties, peanut liquor recipe for whiskey.

Peanuts are very useful, reduce cholesterol and at the same time the frequency of diseases of the cardiovascular system. It is used in malnourished patients and as a choleretic agent, it improves immunity, etc. The peanut peel is a fairly strong allergen, so eating it is undesirable. However, the peel easily leaves the nut after roasting.

Peanuts contain unique amino acids, vitamins A, D, E, B1, B2, PP, E, biotin, polyunsaturated lyonolic and folic acid, vegetable fats and other trace elements. It contains more than 35% of proteins and about 50% of fats, cholesterol is completely absent.

Calorie Peanuts.

The product is high in fat and protein, its calorie content is 552 kcal per 100 g. In dried peanuts it is 611 kcal per 100 g. The caloric content of peanut butter is 884 kcal. Excessive use of peanuts can cause obesity.

Whiskey Peanut Liqueur Recipe.


Peanuts – 250 grams;
Honey – 250 ml;
Lemon zest – 15 grams;
Lemon zest – 10 grams;
Clove – 3-4 buds;
Cinnamon – 5 grams;
Vanilla sugar – 5 grams;
Whiskey 45.0% – 1.0 liter;
Water – 250 ml.

Cooking time: 42 days.

A method of preparing peanut liquor for whiskey.

Rinse peanuts, dry, fry in the oven (180 degrees) until a slightly golden color appears. Next, separate the husk from the nuts, grind in a blender. Pour the resulting nutty mass of whiskey. We stand for 1 month in a dark, cool place, periodically shaking the container. After exposure, we filter the infusion.

We cook the syrup from the specified amount of honey and water, add the slightly chopped cloves and cinnamon, cool, pour the nut into the whiskey infusion. Following this, add the zest and vanilla sugar. We stand for a week, then filter a second time. Bottled and let rest another week.

Based on the book Walnut Boom. Tinctures, liquors. On vodka, moonshine, whiskey.
Grigory Kotovsky.

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