Pepper spray – the best means of self-defense

I think pepper spray is the best means of self-defense.

When purchasing a spray bottle, you should also buy a training one. The training barrel is not dangerous when it dries. It is a process that leads to

It is important to develop your skills and skills. It’s not a problem. The eyes of the eyes are broken down. !! “He can’t think anymore. Well, you’ll have to run fast!

Applying pepper spray, you need to follow a few simple rules:

  1. Got – led into action without a doubt.
  2. Back then (2-3 steps) away from the line of attack.
  3. It can be seen on the wall. So the affected area will be more.
  4. Then we run.

Can you not use the sprayed sprayed? Wind it becomes dangerous. Just like the spray of aerosol! In general, if it is less than 6-7 km per hour (according to sensations, of course), then you can safely use it.

Be attentive and check you by!

Kirill Lubin

If you are aero-air, jet, jet-aerosol, foam or gel. You can read the rules of the field.

Self defense

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