Personal hygiene in emergencies and extreme wildlife. Toothbrush and soap.

Personal hygiene, compliance with its elementary rules, will protect from many troubles, create a feeling of some comfort and will not allow you to relax. A person in any, even the most difficult, extreme conditions must remain a person. 

Personal hygiene in emergencies and extreme wildlife. Toothbrush and soap.

If you stop for a long time, you need to take care of the place for the toilet and the pit for food waste. This place should be removed from your parking place so as not to attract flies and your personal hygiene will not suffer. From time to time, these places must be sprinkled with a layer of earth so that odors and germs do not spread.

. Teeth can also be brushed with a makeshift brush from a branch with a flattened end, and campfire ash can be used as tooth powder.

Soap and its substitutes in extreme conditions.

But the situation with soap is much simpler. There are a lot of the most diverse plants of its substitutes. The soap substitute can be the wood of the Kelreiteria paniculata soap tree, common on the Black Sea and Mediterranean coasts. The ashes of the burnt baobab fruit also make a great soap. As a soap, you can use wood mushrooms, which are ground and boiled in hot water.

Soap can be replaced with elderberry, tinder fungus, a common soap dish, or an official saponaria, which grows along the banks of rivers and lakes, in meadows and in the forest. The roots of soap dish are dried, crushed into powder, and then diluted with water. After washing in a soap dish, insects do not start in clothes, and it has a pleasant smell. Elderberry washed off any dirt. And in the rhizomes of bracken contains a lot of potassium, and they are well washed. An even simpler and more affordable way to ash from a fire. It is boiled, then the solution is drained and used as soap. You can wash clothes in the same solution..

Based on materials from the book Encyclopedia of Survival.
Chernysh I. V.

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