Personal safety: How to become a Gray Man

Concept Gray man often misunderstood as a rejection of a “tactical” image. Although this is the concept of grain, but the whole concept is much more.

In essence, “Gray man“Is an individual who disappears into the crowd and there is, as it were, unnoticed. The concept of “Gray man“Even though it’s not a bad thing.”

The main goal is not to create attracting and / or annoying factors for others. It makes you feel like it. Do youn’t seem to notice. They are not threatened. That’s what it is Gray man.

How to become a Gray Man?

  • First of all logos – as if the association firearms, the company you support, and so on. Choose “sterility” in the image.

Sterility – of all identifiers from clothes and equipment. There should not be any specialists.

For example, you can’t make a statement. Which is extremely negative for the concept of “Gray man“Outcome.

  • clothing should be in a classic conservative style. Jeans and trousers “khaki” (they are also “chinos” – approx. Transl.) Are valid. Refrain from tactical trousers from 5.11 and trousers with hip pockets. Simple polo shirts, T-shirts, and button-down shirts (gray, blue, natural tones). Nothing bright or exotic looking. You need a classic look. What might be interested in. Stay away from tactical things, especially tactical shoes.
  • Get dressed is appropriate. If you go to a formal event – dress formally. Dress for the season. Do not wear jackets in the summer.
  • Do not let the eyes meet. Move in the same rhythm
  • Avoid catchy hairstyles. They will ruin the look, even if the clothes are completely gray.
  • For ladies – Avoid candid outfits for men
  • Remember, you are threatened.

For some, it is impossible to be Gray man by virtue of nature. This is a natural irritant. If you are overweight or an unusually developed muscle, you will most likely be remembered. If you have special signs like scars, birthmarks, etc. – this also complicates the matter.

The concept of the “Gray Man” You can read more about this in the article Concept “Gray man

Personal safety: How to become a Gray Man

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