Personal Security: How To Do It

A few tips like disconnect from the network and disappear from the digital world.

There are many reasons to go to offline. I mean leave digital world generally. Maybe you’ve got it (if I’m the case) all this digital every day: electronica before scrolling through the tape social networks. It’s possible. Maybe you need to get rid of it.

Your reasons and you decide. However, this will not be easy. Enter your name in search sites like Intelius, Whitepages,, Spokeo, Zabasearch, and Pipl. Looks like you are everywhere. Since you are reading this article by computer, possessing IP address, which can be tracked. Cell phones, credit card orders, geolocation it can be a road for you to travel. Private detectives and hackers able to find what they need in network, if you stay online, leaving a past life.

What do you really want to do? Immediately I warn you, this is not too “fun.” You can watch the witness protection program, and add a good portion of the paranoia. It is inevitable if law enforcement is not on your side. Get ready to go. If you’re less than saturated digital field, Here are some tips for getting lost.

What to do and what not to do

Can still leave the network digital life? Not. If you save your digital activity, then leave the “bread crumbs.” Anonymous way to get everything. So – no cellular, no credit cards and page views in on the internet. You will not even be able to use by computer.

However, there are several options to stay online and with it in the shadow.

1. Lose cell phone

He might be digital try to hide your life mobile phone – this is a target drawn on your body. Those who have access to the mobile phone. You are always in touch – they are always looking for the best. network signal through each other. Built-in navigator allows you to find you even faster.

Remove the battery. You can always insert it back if necessary. You can also leave phone anywhere to mislead the pursuers. In the case of apples are not for fugitives.

You do not need to completely give up. phone. Buy two prepaid cell phones at a gas station. (Specificity of overseas reality – approx. Transl.). Leave it your way. So you can communicate only with each other.

In 2010, Congress banned selling prepaid phones because of the threat of terrorism. However, you can still buy them. For now (release date of the article – April 2015, approx. Transl.). For greater certainty, do not use by phone for direct call. Use prepaid calling cards instead.

Purchase portable chargers for your phone, for example, from solar panels, to order from the outlets. Stock up on adapters for the most common phone connectors.

2. Order online with gift certificates

Leaving network, there is an opportunity to do online orders. Shop for gift cards like a “visa” or “American Express.” They are sold almost everywhere. You can use them to online orders and in reality, and they end up – get rid of. Your card is not used and connections not with you. The place of delivery.

3. Forget about social networks.

It’s time to learn to do without Facebook and twitter. Seriously. Just leave them. If you can’t decide it, create anonymous Accounts. You can’t, by definition, can’t have friends. And for heaven’s sake, not add to friends your acquaintances.

4. Erase information from images

If you are true network, delete the EXIP data from the image files. Shot and often even geolocation. Where you’ve been Free programs easily cope with the removal of this data.

5. Encrypt messages

You may still need to send emails. Naturally, you will create a new account. You can read it. For starters, use Gmail because it uses the default SSL encryption. This will help you Wi-Fi.

For greater privacy, encrypt messages sent. Log in to Gmail using Thunderbird, but use the GNU Privacy Policy plugin to encrypt.

A simpler tool is, a text encryption tool that works with any text on the Internet. Click here for the text, see how it is encrypted, and send. The letter is the key to decrypt the letter.

6. Hide your network IP address

The easiest way to be found is to visit. Web site, collecting IP addresses visitors; it may even happen with some pages Facebook. From the moment like IP compared with you, authorities or experienced hackers enough to contact by the provider Internet service, which assigns these addresses to users. But there is no point. Worse, if you go out network From the job. You will be able to track directly to your office.

May I help proxy server. “Thor” (“onion router”) helps to prevent your tracking, redirecting your requests web pages through a chain of routers in network. Address router, not yours. Programs exist for everyone operating systems and for some smartphones. There are programs for viewing Internet languages. You can use someone else’s computer. There is a Firefox plugin that allows you to turn on the “Thor” with one click.

Several extensions for Chrome promise similar functionality (look for the word “anonymity”). Use your proxy server to access or hide my ass. browser, to refer to search engines and site visits. Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera, shows which sites trying to track you down

7. Do not sign in to online accounts.

When it comes to free wai fay, It is often necessary to “enter” the network, that is, to create account. Avoid such places. There are many public catering and bookstores with free Wi Fi. Yes, it will be necessary periodically reconnect. Do not forget to include VPN, to prevent interception data exchange. For this there is applications, as, for example, free Hotspot Shield (for a small money, you can turn off advertising). Or install remote router with support VPN and contact him directly (which will take you one step away from you).

8. Do not chase your tail on the net.

Do not go looking for your digital trace. It is a way to get it. If you start to search for a net Try not to look for yourself in search engines and refrain from anonymous posting misinformation about yourself.

9. Do not fade out

Former private detective Frank M. Ahern wrote in 2010 “How to disappear.” Another tactic is more advantageous. All that people can find about you in network, usually comes from one source – from you. Thus, there is a way to hide it in plain sight. the Internet false information about you. Use social network to accommodate misinformation. Reduce activity in digital field important but if you stay online, This is misleading your family members. Make it your search more difficult. In his book, The Digital Mercenary Hen’t been wandering around a false point.

Are you still not looking over your shoulder?

It can be like to calculate you. Therefore, be careful: more economically, online, and take care of yourself.

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Personal Security: How To Do It

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