Philippine Knife Fight: About non-military “Spanish” systems

In many countries and even women are interested in martial art, as Philippine Knife Fight – yes, it is especially popular “Filipino” systems and equipment. However, not all practitioners of these systems understand what they actually do. I’m not sure that I’ve spoken to this note.

It will cause you to wear water, especially among the sofa masters. And that especially earn on it. Money is good, but it’s not worth it. Many representatives of the Filipino knife fight were “blown” combat systems. But “combat” does not mean “military.”

As a basis for the review, I took the directions presented in Russia: Pekichi Tircia Kali, Arnis de mano and its types, type Eskrima (ESCRIGA, ESCRIDA), Modern arnis, Balintavak, Daughter Paras, Deciti Tircia Sirados and some other minor subgroups Arnis. This is all one direction, namely – Arnis, not to mention Dekiti Tircia Sirados, which can be deservedly attributed to military knife fighting systems.

I will not be able to watch this discipline. It is a good idea to develop your coordination, self defense – fend off the bully, for example.

I’m not trying to sling mud at anyone. He likes. Someone needs real knife fight FMA fitness. The Philippines, while others are happy, Let it remain on the conscience of the instructors. This is where the sport system should be. So …

When it came to the Spanish king Philip II, he first met the aborigines. Well-armed, protected and trained Spaniards lost to the warriors with one loincloth. 89 years, the Spaniards were not known Cali (Kali, Kalis).

The word “Kalis” rose. This is a ban on wearing cold arms, It’s not a problem.

The first explanatory Spanish-Tagalog dictionary, which contains references to Cali, dated 1610 year. Before that, there was nothing explaining the words and symbols of the Filipino language. And then no Escrig and Arnisov There were no trace, and were created after 1610.

Eskrima, Arnis

Eskrima also known as Arnis (translated from Spanish – stick), is the national sports and martial arts of the Philippines. There are interfaxables of the Philippines (Filipino Martial Arts or FMA) improvised weapons, as well as “empty hands”, that is, equipment without weapons. In Luzon, they are called Arnis de mano (stick in hand).

There are rules for the competition. Modern arnis, for example, not at all related to military knife fight systems. Just look at the so-called “overkill” – preparatory exercises Frank bram from chinese Wing chun. This is a sporting experience. Modern arnis, It is considered that it is considered a “bust”. It is the very best way to protect it. Therefore, it is clear that there is a way for a bust.

Therefore, it’s a sporting experience. What was – and had to learn. But thanks to him. filipino knife fight.

Pekiti tirsia kali

The name is a mixture of meanings: “Pekiti” – “come close”, “Tirsia” – “cut finely”, andKali“… this is where the phrases come out, then it’s the first meaningful life , Kalis, ”Kali” is both a blade and a knife, and knife fight, and martial art, etc. – about a dozen different formulations). So the approximate translation Pekiti tirsia kali it turns out that “come close, cut it fine, life!” is an interesting system.

The system of this is Leo gay (Leo Gaje Tortal). Studying and presenting Arnis de Mano, “Great master” Guy went to the USA, and there – ABOUT A MIRACLE! – Arnis turned into Pekichi Tircia Kali, It is a huge number of branches. why so sharp? Now you understand.

Do not participate in the military conflicts. Master Leo Gaje told in detail where is the oldest clans Tortal Philippine knife fighting system Dekiti Tirsia Siradas Kali. I asked about this moment with my friend – GM Jerson Tortal jr, I love you, however, I’m not a Dikiti Tirsia. From which it follows that by age the system Pekiti tirsia kali not older than fifty years.

Guy is a very interesting gentleman. Related to military systems filipino knife fight, He said that he was invented by the United States Corinthians of the Philippines. As a result, a couple of videos of “Guy trains the Philippines Marine Corps” can be found on youtube. And there are no more such clips. I wonder why?

For commercial purposes. By the way, notorious Leslie buck he was also provided with the service reserve group. It seems that this is a “family” trait of bakers.

Dekiti Tirsia Siradas Kali

As we found out Dekiti Tirsia Siradas Kali has nothing to do with Pekiti tirsia kali, and is one of the oldest combat filipino systems. Occurs from the island of the Philippines. The original meaning is still preserved. Hand-to-hand combat. It has been proven that it has been repeatedly adopted by the law enforcement agencies.

The Ilongo dialect consists of:

  • Dekiti“Means” very close. “It is literally cornered and destroyed.”
  • Tirsia“Means to destroy.” Lead yourselves into the corner.
  • SiridasLiteral translation has not. You can’t get it out of the corner, because its capabilities are completely blocked.

Dekiti Thircia Siradas Kali – clan family martial art Tortal. Official founder – Balbino Tortal, Tortal Tortal and grandfather Norberto Tortal. And then he, along with his brothers, tried to bring him in. It’s not a problem. It turns out that it’s aggresors remembered for a long time – to contact Tortal more expensive.

When it was a small territorial dispute over the land near the island of Negros, he decided to use mercenaries. But they were challenged by the mercenaries. It was possible to avoid bloodshed only because opponents remembered what the system is capable of. filipino knife fight Clan Tortal. The land of the clan. It was not always possible to solve the situation, proving its effectiveness. Dekiti Thircia Siradas Kali. Currently, the clan is headed by my friend – master GM Jerson Tortal jr, the only representative of this system.

Doce Pares, which means “12 pairs” in Spanish

System Doce pares not military, formed during the Spanish rule.

12 bodyguards of Charlemagne, according to one version, However, where is France, and where is the Philippines? And what does the 12 of Karl’s bodyguards relate to the fencing system? I am more impressed with the second version of the attack.

In 1932 the club was formedDoce pares“Consisting of escrimador families Saavedra and Cañete, he headed Lorenzo saavedra. One of the first members of the club Venancio bacon. In the interview featured in “Bladed Hand “, documentary about filipino martial arts, master Ciriaco Cañete told that Bacon one of the best fighters Saavedre.

Later Bacon left the clubDoce pares“, Referring to skepticism regarding the combat effectiveness of the system. However, it was determined that the club was determined. In the 1950s, along with Dolphin Lopez, Timoteo Maranga and Bacon founded a club, calling it “Self-defense club on Balintavak street. Bacon’s students, Eduardo Bakuli.

In the 1950s-1960s, eskimadori from different camps, mainly “Daughter pares“And”Balintavak“They experienced each other’s skills in complex tasks, sometimes by agreement and sometimes death. In one ambush, he was caught in the back. Bacon was trying to bother you, and you shouldn’t be used for a restraint. While there, he recruited new students, including Bob Silver Tabimina.

In the mid-1970s, having received parole, Bacon returned to Balintavac. But he didn’t have to go for a few minutes before his death. What is characteristic in “Doce paresHe continued to enjoy great respect.

Summing up, we can confidently say that there is no As, however, and the Philippine system of destruction of the enemy. In fact, until 1521, there was no exception. The same Kalayan-Kalis-Kali. Freedom of the Filipinos and the uprooting of the systems of filipino knife fight as such, as a result, after 1610, various arts climbed as a horn of plenty.

Escrig, Arnis, Pekichi Tircia, Balintavak, Panantukan It has been determined that it has been established that it has been martial art Aboriginal of the Philippines. And, in fact, they succeeded. But only Deciti Tircia Siridas Kali, It has been reported that it has not lost its roots.

What to do – choose for yourself. According to your wishes and goals. And be safe.

Philippine Knife Fight: Pro Nonmilitary &# 171; Spanish&# 187; systems

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