Photo gallery “Combat and hunting knives”

Firearms, military equipment – all this will serve you faithfully, as long as it is provided with resources. For guns, cartridges are needed, for equipment – fuel, oil and a number of other necessary resources. But there may come a moment when the iron horse will have to be thrown out because of empty tanks, and ammunition will run out for the rifle. To survive, it remains to hope for ingenuity, experience, hands and …

This selection is devoted to the invention at all times. This product has always faithfully served the man, with the help of it, he mined and cooked food, protected himself and his loved ones, manufactured and repaired equipment.

This invention is knife.

Once this “knifeWas a sharp shard of stone. But every year this weapon changed, the traditional model appeared the knife (handle with blade), forged knives a variety of shapes and sizes for different purposes. And so knife Today. Enjoy watching!

Maybe you yourself want to make yourself another knife in addition to the existing ones? Then use the drawings of knives!

&# 171; True friend&# 187; Photos of combat and hunting knives

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