Photo hunting on the siberian roe

I (the author, Alexander – editor) Sigma 150-500 mm 1: 5-6.3, camera Sony Alpha 850). It turns out that I’m not sure how to use them. It is no longer necessary to hold it.

“We eat weed”

The distance to the object was 60 meters, but I approached him with 150 m. Took 17 pictures, of which 3 are here.



What strained – above all the weather. It was raining with gusts of wind. Moreover, I was noticed by a goat. I had to go down for a few minutes. It was good that it was relatively comfortable. This is where you can detect yourself.

Then I worked with Corel Paint. I used a photo correction, I used to make a correction, I had to make it sacrifice. What well. There is a clear sign on the screen for a vehicle. If you can’t have it, it’s not a problem. chance for a picture.

Most of the problems were with focus. It was convenient to use it, it was convenient to use it. you move down your drain. I’m not sure, I’m not sure, I’m not sure, I’m not sure, I’m not It is, evenly, that I’m not sure about them. I am sure I’ve been able to get it right.

“Goat Jump”

“Young goat”

It was a little funeral beeing. this is where I’ve not been able to know.

There was another episode, which is a long time. On the old camera Sony Alpha 550 It can be configured once. The mode is reset. I see a goat in my visor, I’m a press on the shutter If you are not in the cold?

Stream of steam from the mouth!

Before exhaling

“Adult male”

After exhaling.

“The steam around the muzzle is he sneezing so …”

Then I’m taking advantage of the chance still lives.

“Came friend”

“Came friend”

There was really a small compensation. I saw a distance from a long distance of more than 300 meters (according to the rangefinder – 340 meters).


It was not a chance. 300 meters – It is not a fact that they will wait for me. Therefore, I went to them. Naturally, they were washed away, but they were washed away. The goats, they are completely smeared, ate, crawled, they’ve jumped away in the bushes. It will still jump and lie down again. Looking at this picture, I stopped and gave them a leisurely walk to the forest. But it is interesting. I could not resist, went to look for the third. Their dad pledged on me (or maybe just the male on duty).

“Looks like it’s daddy.”

I yelled in the bushes I almost stepped on the kid. I couldn’t really remove it. It wasn’t been an episode. I’m catching up on my head which I don’t regret. I would die of fear.

Returning home, I also observed a little owl.



If you’re not happy, you’ll be able to get there. I’m writing a report. For me, I’m not happy, I’m not happy, I’m not afraid of you.

If you’re not sure, you’ll need it? Of course, you can take a look at it, but it can be lucky. Then, God forbid gun you sell I’m not sure, I’m not sure, I’m not sure what to say. x …! ”, and you will probably be right!

But for those who have read this a gift – this photo =)

“Flower and butterfly”

The author – Loshakov Alexander

From the Editor:

Given the specificity of our portal, namely, survival and weapons, it is more than relevant. We even have such a heading – hunting and fishing.

But it is what happened to our editorial board. need for it. That is, we can understand and accept the petition for food. But we are not welcome.

Generally, it was long gone through the civilization of civilians, hunters, miners were in demand. You can always find out how to use it. It will be a matter of fact.

Unfortunately, it’s just another way to get it (where it’sa far away from “civilization”). It is easy to guess that for a resident shopping trip it is not only simpler

Anticipating the death of those
“- Yes, here’s another, but nifiga! Meat tyrannosaurus now can not buy! But what about excitement ?! What about tracking skills? And how to train zombie apocalypse?”

Gentlemen, are you serious at all? Tracking who? Flocks of ducks in 10 trunks? Brood boar on intercity highway? What kind of excitement in shooting animals after all? The trainer

For training in shooting there are shooting ranges, special sectors, exercises, competitions. Tracking for more than perfect Photo hunting, proper order and this article. Note – “hunter“Tracked down to distance in 150 meters, and then approached on 60 meters to very shy animals. How do you like it?

Well, shots can be done as much as you like. Therefore, it is not necessary to touch the animals!

Last day club recommends Photo Hunt!

Photo hunting on the siberian roe

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