Physical training of marines

Recently I (Semper Fi MGunz, Heathsman of the Physical Training Instrument – Ed. I was interested in the general. I came across as a trainer in my work. I remembered a lot of things, but there are too many frequent and repetitive ones. I tried to formulate what I’m trying to learn.

№1. You need to choose one type of training.

Not! The balance of strength, endurance (both muscular and in general physical), flexibility. This balance doesn’t ensure that you maintain this balance. Doing not only make you strong. It is a balance of various workouts.

№2. Food supplements must be taken.

Not! The body of vitamins, trace elements and nutrients for proper functioning. I want you to take care of what you’re taking. Nutritional supplements are a waste of money. If you are not deficient in them.

It will not absorb it. A lot of money will be used for useless supplements. In my practice, I’ve seen a number of cases. Who were needed supplements. It has been said that it has been flushing into the sewer. It is a question that will help you to get rid of your skin.

Number 3. To be strong weights.

Not! I lifted most of my adult life. I was running Olympic and powerlifting programs. During my life I lifted quite large weights. In fact, it was not necessary. In fact, weight training, surpassing your weight, it’s not worth it. Of course, it is not necessary to develop strength by squeezing a “sotochka” from the chest. 25 pounds from the chest? Funny yes? And you take these 25 kilograms, put you in and out.

№4. Running hurts joints, especially knees

Not! It has been proven that long distance runners have all the healthiest bones and joints among all athletes. Most of the people I’m not looking for. I have been running for more than 2 days. I never had any injuries at all, for so many years, injuries were, of course. If you’re trying to make it, then you can’t get it. In fact, non-existent problems.

№5. If you are a man, you’re especially happy with age. 24 hours 7 days a week, you need to be on the go.

This is absolutely wrong, moreover, it is complete garbage! Balanced workouts for 3-5 hours per day in combination with an adult. In fact, people from scratch. Read my book “Corps Strength”, it says, Try it.

Physical training of marines

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