Pigeons are like flying rats, only worse.

I think you are a city resident. They fly, they fall behind the cars, and then they lie on the street. But the fact is that the pigeons are also spreading the infection, with a variety. It is a separate topic. Therefore, they are called “flying rats.” But is it really that bad? And try to figure it out.

Pigeons eat whatever they eat

Pure truth. Pigeons, as it turned out, are omnivores. Grains, seeds, fruits, vegetables, just a little softened. Even meat can peck, for example, chicken. It is not surprising. And where there is rubbish, there is a high microbial activity. It is precisely those microbes, it is precisely those microbes that get to the body.

Pigeons shit on their heads

Fact. Not a chance, of course. It is a tract of these flying rats. If humans have mammals, then they do not have it. What has been digested? This is a “drummer of labor.” It was established that a flock of 100 pigeons yields 2177 kg of selected pigeon shit per a year. With the highest concentration of nitrogen and phosphorus. Quite active chemical oxidants. It will quietly destroy them. And if the stones are still somehow resist

And this is not the worst. Pigeons are very fond of flocks hanging out in the attics, they are desperately and constantly shitting. Litter accumulates, accumulate … It is a number of insects. In fact, right above people’s heads. Draw your own conclusions.

Pigeons spread the infection

Pure truth. But there it is, they say, one nuance. So.


A terrible disease tolerated by birds. It is a very long time outside the carrier. In the same pigeon droppings, for example. Manifested in severe respiratory infection, up to pneumonia. Numerous complications are possible. But it is a disease that has been treated with tetracycline antibiotics, and it can be no complications. By the way, in the same Petersburg, in 2014, about 20 cases of ornithosis were recorded. Only 20 on a huge city, actively populated by pigeons! Moreover, it worked in various pet stores.


Yes, the most popular cause of most foodborne diseases. Yes, it goes well with them. Yeah. Salmonella is quite a self-distributed air-dust. Well at least it’s not deadly. Well, except for isolated cases, comorbidities. So yes, pigeons are very actively spreading salmonella.


Yeah, it is caused by a special mycobacterium, it is specific for birds, but also it is also influencing Only rather weak. This is a case of human infection with avian tuberculosis. And then, these were mostly poultry workers who regularly came in contact with sick birds.

Newcastle disease

In humans, it is an ARVI with conjunctivitis, but it is in this way. So there is a danger, but not very big.


Fungal disease, affecting mainly the lungs. Especially dangerous for people with weakened immunity. It wasn’t described. It is very pathogenic.

In addition to these, pigeons are carriers of colibacillosis, erysipelas, listeriosis, tularemia, toxoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, capillariasis, such as creeping fever, creeping fever, cillosis, and other types of helminthiasis. we will

It is possible to get it. Seriously, it’s a chance to pick it up. Plus, pigeon diseases, will not kill you.

And now, we’re dear readers, we’re having inflated the hype because of pigeons. This is a trend that has been seen in the last century. It is not only harmful, but it is also not dangerous. The issue of personal safety has been made.

Can not cope with the pigeons, or do not want. But there is a problem. It is very effective. If you can do something you can shift everything to people? So there has been a tendency to sincerely hate the pigeons.

By the way. It is not necessary to follow the rules of the area. Though stupid, they are afraid of hawks on an instinctive level.

Plus, there will always be a lot of zoohazers who clearly believe that they can be better. But they don’t want to allocate money for this. But they are actively oppose anyway.

In short, everything is complicated with pigeons, it is very difficult. And yes, they really have something to hate and destroy. True, for a mankind.

Pigeons &# 8212; it’s like flying rats, only worse

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