Pistol shooting – 5 “Hollywood” myths and their debunking

It is clear that there’s been a lot of effort. with it. But in reality everything turns out quite differently. It is not a clear case that it can be seen as a matter of course.

Alas, can not. But it’s good for the Hollywood shooter. You can learn how to get a little bit more fun. It is a rule of thumb to look at pistol shooting.

1. Gun kills fast

Of course. If you get to the ground, you can stop it. If you’re not happy, you can’t get it. Here is an example of what can be parents, please refrain from watching.

It is a faithful to believe in the “stopping properties of one bullet”. So no, stopping a single pistol shot is difficult. It is a real battle, even if you specifically trained for this. Leave a dangerous place. And, remember, “7 bullets in the head, the brain is not touched” – not always a joke.

2. Ammo is always enough

Almost all known action films – endless ammunition. Sometimes it can be a pistol without reloading for 2-3 minutes. It is up to 33 seconds.

In addition, “sniper” shooting when one shot one kill, no more than an unattainable ideal. The cartridges will fly away much faster than you like. If you remember, cartridges cannot be loaded into a pistol, then it becomes a little sad. You need to change them. That’s just that, too, will have to learn. And to take in very extreme conditions. It is useless. If you have problems with your hands. There are many stupid ones.

3. Shooting moving targets is easy.

But you can start shooting at all. It is not clear where the moving target is. It’s not at all some bullet will fall. And the owner of the gun is not possible. However, it doesn’t negate moving targets. Fortunately, in some shooting ranges it’s really to organize. But even there.

4. Shooting a pistol at the limbs

As the movies teach us – a bullet in the knee reliably calm the enemy. That’s just what you need to get in this knee. Shooting a pistol in a stressful situation. It is a tendency to hit a small point. It is really difficult, though possible. But even experts have been studying this for a very long time, but it’s not a fact. So, alas, shooting at the limbs is not a solution to all problems.

5. Any shelter will protect from bullets

Not any. For example, an ordinary table will not save a bullet. If you’re a little slower, you’ll be enough. What is the situation? What is the situation?

There are no cars, no cars, no guns, no guns or no guns. The trees are where you’re looking for a tree trunk. However, even such a shelter is better than none at all. It simply cannot be considered absolutely safe.

These are the funny myths that turned out to be opposite facts.
And if you have something to add – write below in the comments!

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