Pistol shooting

If you’re a professional shooter, you’ll be a shooter. And, of course, shooting skills they are easy to lose.

To get some tips on how to properly to fire a gun, The Master Master and the Gold Medalist in Multi-Ghana, Ram butler. Not only is he a champion in shooting, he also conducts training in his spare time. Were we talked about how to avoid common mistakes.

1. Rack

Correct shooting stance. You must be able to make sure that you have the right track. The body will absorb and stabilize for the next shot.

Don’t do that

Butler said that he often sees his students doing what he calls. If you are a shooters They can stand straight, or leaning back, with their legs tied together.

In this position recoil from the gun since you literally stand on your heels, you can lose your balance. When hands are recovered, the hands “fly up” up. In the end, it’s like “hooking” swordfish while fishing. It is not necessary to mention the fact that it is not safe.

Do this

Stand in a boxer’s fighting stance. Hunch your shoulders back. There are approximately 10-15 cm in front of your feet. The knees are slightly bent.

Your weight should not even be distributed on both legs. If you are a bout fight. This stance will stabilize your body when it recoils. Hands will act as shock absorbers, and shoulders – as a support.

2. Grab arms

Right grip gun – It means not to lift it up. You can get maximum firing efficiency. Do not shake from the effort.

Don’t do that

Many of the students hold it. Low hold when recoiling.

Butler noted that he often sees students holding a cup of tea; It is a rule of thumb for a pistol. In addition, he often sees that arrows cross their thumbs. Again, these are not suitable ways to grip a pistol.

Do this

Hold gun as high as possible in relation to the shutter. The higher the grip

It makes it possible to hold the gun. Direct the thumb towards the front of the gun. Your middle finger should not be securely located under the trigger guard.

“Supporting” the hand. It should be noted that it has been shown that your hand has been taken. shooting hands.

The pistol as possible. You can make repeated shots.

Remember, while holding the weapon,

3. Aiming and aiming picture

Aiming – alignment of the front sight in the rear sight; aiming picture – Observation of the target through sights. Aiming is crucial for getting an accurate hit. You need to aim.

Be careful. It was a shooter.

Don’t do that

Focus on when aiming. Butler noted that it was a rush to shoot.

Do this

Align it to the height. Since the eyes can not be focused on the front sight. While you’re still blurred, you can still align all the elements.

This is the correct aiming picture. It should be noted that depending on the type of sights Practice quickly combining the sighting picture.

4. Descent processing

The control of the descent needs a lot of training. There is no need for any shooters.

Don’t do that

Butler often not his lack of control. descent handling. Use of the index finger.

In addition, he sees that his students completely after the shot. Some begin to “clap” the trigger with high-speed shooting. For this is a strong hindrance for getting accurate hits.

Do this

Squeeze the trigger strictly back. Do not stop squeezing even after the shot. Gently pressed on you shouldn’t be stretched to hold on trigger.

Pull the phalanx of the index finger. It is a good idea to use the phalanx. It is a “reset” of the trigger. Depending on the gun. sometimes you can hear a click. After you’re on the hook, you’re ready to go on. There is no need to completely release the trigger.

5. Recharge and change shop

Efficient and fast reloading the gun can help you win. This is an important skill that is often overlooked. The sequence of actions is essential. It is shown on the table.

Don’t do that

Butler saw students with various combinations of store and retrieval. There is no need to take a look at the correct position. Often, students do not get a tight control over the store, and eventually drop it. Sometimes students pull the bolt from the slide.

Do this

Store in a pouch is bullet forward. Be consistent when reloading when changing store.

It is possible to secure the store. Extend your arm with the weapon. Just before you insert the store, slow down a bit. The little slap on the lid of the store.

With the thumb of your left hand, click on the slide latch and form a grip. If you are taking the case, it will make it. Practice – At Home Recycling.

About the author: Taran Butler

started competitions in 1994. For 14 months he won the title of Grand Master. A native of Southern California, he won many championships. This year, Butler plans and weapons accessories.


  • Four-time champion USPSA. Multi-Gun National Tactical Champion
  • Champion USPSA Multi-Gun National Limited Champion
  • Twice IPSC World Shoot Standard Team Champion
  • Thrice Champion Rocky Mountain World Tactical Champion
  • Twice Champ Multi Benz Tactical Champion
  • Champion Fort Benning Multi-Gun Open Champion
  • Seven-time Superstition Mountain Mystery Multi-Gun Tactical Champion
  • Twice Champion Western States Single Stack Ciampion
  • Twice champion USPSA Infinity Open Limited Ciampion
  • Three times USPSA Linea De Fuego Limited Champion

Translation – Yuri Ignatov

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