Pistols Glock (Glock): popular “myths” and their debunking

In spite of the fact that our fellow citizens do not see personal short-barreled weapons for self-defense for a long time, one needs to be able to understand it a little. Suppose, theoretically, at the level of “push here, shoot there,” but it’s necessary. You never know exactly how life will turn out … And so we will tell something interesting about Glock pistols.

Why Glock? Oh, for this there are as many as 7 reasons, or rather, myths that only very popular things acquire. So…

1. Glock Pistols – the most common short-barreled weapon in the world

Partly true. Yes, the “Glocks” are very fond of law enforcement officers. Same Glock 17 and its various variations are in service with the security forces of Norway, Austria, Canada, Mexico, the United States, and a lot of NATO countries. Not to mention America, where Glock pistols are generally a widespread phenomenon.

But other brands can boast an enviable popularity of their pistols. We are talking about weapons companies CZ (Czech Republic), Beretta and Tanfoglio (Italy), Walther and Heckler & Koch (Germany), FN (Belgium) and Colt (America).

In Russia, among the “siloviki”, the APS (Stechkin automatic pistol), PJ (Yarygin pistol) and PM (Makarov pistol) are extremely popular, and the Glock pistol is only gaining “momentum”.

2. Glock has no fuse.

This is perhaps the main feature of the gun. The Glock has three fuses (on the trigger, on the drummer, and shockproof), and all of them are automatic. In order to start shooting, you do not need to deliberately press a button or switch the fuse box, the protection system will work automatically.

And this is the reason why Glock pistols are categorically not recommended for beginners, so that they do not shoot themselves.

Glock is well suited to people who use weapons for work or for sport, and train every day for several hours. The same law enforcement officers hone the skills of using the Glock to automatism. And they are very pleased with the absence of the need to make extra movements for removing the pistol from the fuse.

3. The Glock is invisible to metal detectors.

Lies, of course, but there’s a bit of truth here. Glock is really rather poorly seen on detectors, since half of the design is heat-resistant plastic. At least – the latest models.

Here are just a recognizable contour of weapons, which are viewed on the detector screen, yet saved. Plus, it has not yet been possible to replace some parts with plastic, so it will “ring”, like any other weapon. And the myth that it can still be imperceptibly carried, appeared after the release of the film “Die Hard 2” and the words of Bruce Willis about it.

4. Due to plastic, the Glock gun weighs too little.

Yes, the gun is relatively light, but not too much. Lightweight construction is the main reason why they began to use heat-resistant plastic. He really significantly reduced the weight of the gun, while maintaining the proper level of strength.

Discharged Glock 17 weighs about the same as three full ammunition for him – 51 9×19 cartridge. These are 649 and 612 grams respectively. Fully loaded, the pistol weighs 941 grams (a pistol with a magazine and 18 rounds). That is relatively more than the PM. But given the greater power, it is quite logical.

5. The plastic from which Glock pistols are made is fragile and short-lived.

And this myth is almost the opposite of the previous one. The official name of the plastic that goes to the production of “Glokov” – Polymer 2. There is information that it is simply an alternative name for another material – DuPont’s Glass-Reinforced Zytel® Nylon. Which is used, among other things, for the production of particularly durable sneakers. So far, no one has denied this information.

6. The Glock has an extremely complex structure and a lot of parts.

Basic model Glock 17 It consists of only 34 components. For comparison, the same PM components – 32 positions. That is, Glock pistols are very easy to disassemble and maintainable.

And given the fact that gunsmiths of the West more to the reliability due to the complexity – Glock was almost a revolutionary concept.

7. Glock is dangerous, it is very easy to make a random shot.

This is partly true, but remember that “it’s not the weapons that kill, the people are killed”.

Yes, the absence of a mechanical fuse can play a cruel joke with the shooter. Gaston Glock himself, after creating experimental models, preferred to work with a new gun, using only one hand – his left. That is, and recharge, and take, and clean. The gunsmith rightly feared that even an accidental pull on the trigger could trigger a shot.

Beginners of Glock are also afraid of this, but with practice the fear quickly passes.


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