PL-14: New Kalashnikov Pistol

New pistol introduced Concern “Kalashnikov” on the forum “Army 2017, already spawned many rumors. Someone says that he borrowed from foreign manufacturers, someone criticizes the appearance, and someone argues that “Kalashnikov” is able to do only good machines. However, all three opinions are erroneous. Contrary to expectations and disputes, the new weapon turned out to be extremely successful.

Attempt at writing

The design and production of pistols, when it comes to domestic products, is in the minds of most associated with several last names – Stechkin, Makarov, Tokarev. However, Mikhail Timofeevich, the great master gunsmith, in addition to his fifth symphony – the Kalashnikov assault rifle – also managed to construct an automatic pistol. Although he did not receive wide distribution and did not participate in serious troubles, but he was at least as good as the famous PM or APS. Theoretically, the gun of the genius gunsmith Igor Stechkin was supposed to withstand a pistol designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov, capable of firing bursts. However, Mikhail Timofeevich himself during his lifetime said that the priority for him was a more serious weapon — assault rifles and machine guns.

However, in the design of pistols, Mikhail Timofeevich succeeded – the sample presented in the early 50s, chambered for 9×18 mm, turned out to be extremely successful. The materials for his product Kalashnikov, according to the stories of experts and gun historians, especially did not choose.

“As in the case of the machine gun, the simplest was taken. What was at hand. The slide frame, the details of the mechanism – everything was done according to a simplified scheme. In order to work always and everywhere, ”said weapons expert Roman Shirokin in an interview with the Zvezda TV channel.

The design and appearance of an experienced Kalashnikov pistol for the early 50s were restrained, if not to say spartan. The strict appearance, smooth edges and features that remotely resemble Stechkin’s automatic pistol is just an accident, which, according to historians, puts two domestic automatic pistols in one row. Mikhail Timofeevich was engaged in automatization and the topic of uninterrupted fire closely, however, the theme of assault personal weapons, which captured the minds of many brilliant designers, was for him only a desire to master one more direction in his work. Despite the serious lack of time and energy, Kalashnikov managed to supply an automatic pistol with almost the main advantage of his weapon – unique, even phenomenal reliability. Constructive solutions that favorably distinguished the Kalashnikov pistol from the same “Stechkin” also lacked a head.

“If we compare two pistols … for example, the rate of fire, for example, the APC (Kalashnikov automatic pistol) looks a little better in this regard, because there were no constructive solutions that deliberately reduce the rate of fire, it did not apply. Accordingly, in the case of shooting bursts, the AIC showed itself no worse than the APS. According to the accuracy of the automatic fire, they went “nostrils to nostrils,” said Sergey Simonov, a veteran of the special services, in an interview with the Zvezda TV channel.

The fate of the first automatic Kalashnikov pistol was not very good. Due to hard work, it was difficult for Mikhail Timofeevich to bring the gun to mind and join the competition for the title of the best gun for personal protection in the army. But almost all specialists familiar with the subject of work on the agro-industrial complex say: if the great Russian gunsmith had had enough of a fuse to refine the project to an ideal state, then the fate of the Stechkin pistol would most likely be a big question.

Versatility and reliability

Elegance and beauty – the first thoughts that arise when you look around the new Kalashnikov pistol PL-14. The 9 mm pistol is designed to fit comfortably in your hand. By the way, not only the Kalashnikov Concern took care of the design and overall comfort of the pistol – experts and instructors of the Special Purpose Center of the Federal Security Service of Russia and the leading sportsmen took part in the creation of the pistol.

Tactile sensations from this gun are special. “Glock” and “Walter” – solidly tailored and metal-cast pistols, according to the stories of specialist shooters – will be forgotten. The adaptation of the pistol for firing both from the left and from the right hand deserves a special praise. The controls of the new “handsome” concern “Kalashnikov” make it possible to do this with the same convenience.

In general, the PL-14, if we consider it relative to other domestic pistols, is distinctive, but beautiful. Involuntarily, when inspecting and “groping” a pistol, another domestic weapon, the Swift, is recalled. When creating a new Kalashnikov pistol, the creators seem to have hit the bull’s eye – it is universal, beautiful, comfortable, reliable, safe. According to experienced shooters, the platform itself is responsible for the versatility of the PL-14, on which it is possible to build both combat and sport versions of this pistol for competition or preparation for them. A 9 mm ammunition pistol opens a voucher to many power structures.

The beauty of the PL-14 is a special thing. It can only be felt by those who look at the gun with their own eyes. Outwardly, it is something smoother than the Austrian “Glock” and something more monumental, impressive, but aesthetic, than any “Walter” or “Steyer”. Even the metal from which the gun is made is felt to be different. More enjoyable.

The reliability of the pistol provides the traditional attention to detail, the benefit of the experts of the Kalashnikov concern spent a lot of time studying the characteristics of the grip of many shooters. The handle is made incredibly convenient – there is a feeling as if using this gun for half a life. The 9×19 cartridge, according to those who are well versed in small arms and shot more than one thousand rounds, will allow the PL-14 to replace almost all obsolete pistols in the Russian open spaces – from PM’s “grandfather” to more modern PMM and foreign-made pistols.

However, this is not all. For the safety of the pistol, in addition to the safety device, it is also responsible for a special “tight” descent, which makes it almost impossible for a random shot of a weapon even when falling from a great height. Especially important tight descent will be for special forces soldiers who are under tremendous stress during special operations and do not have the right to an accidental shot. According to Alexei Krivoruchko, the general director of the holding company “Kalashnikov”, in addition to regular innovations, special modifications with a modified trigger mechanism will be issued for special forces soldiers.


And yet, the look is what you pay the most attention to. The PL-14, for all its versatility, is also devilishly beautiful. Quite a rare combination for any weapon. Igor Yakovlevich Stechkin, who once dropped the phrase that “an ugly weapon does not shoot,” probably knew what he was talking about. 15 rounds in the store and chiseled edges that make you want to see the gun again and again – perhaps one of the pleasures that you never get tired of. It should be mentioned about the small amenities that will allow you not to feel discomfort when using the PL-14. The weight of this gun with the equipped magazine is a little less than one thousand grams. This means that in addition to stunning beauty and reliability, the pistol does not have to get used to.

The future of the national school of pistol-making after meeting the PL-14 seems, if not cloudless, then, in any case, one thing is firmly realized – Russian designers have finally reached a level where, in addition to stunning characteristics, the gun is convenient and damn beautiful.

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New Kalashnikov pistol PL-14 – specifications:
Caliber, mm 9×19
Length mm 220
Height mm 136
Thickness mm 28
Barrel length, mm 127
Magazine capacity, cartridges 15
Weight without cartridges, kg 0.8
Weight with the equipped shop, kg 0.99



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