Playcrier, unloading, RPS: Comparison of types of unloading systems

No conditions RPS (Belt-Shoulder System).

Bibs and actively entered into everyday life playcarriers, This, of course, is good. And, in principle, convenient. But these toys are purely for their tasks.
I’m not original, by the way:

  • It helps to minimize your silhouette in the supine position.
  • It interferes with active maneuvering in the supine position (hell you turn in him).
  • Incorrectly loads the body of the carrier.
  • Inconvenient when used in cold weather (-20/25, not homoeuropean -10)

Pros, of course, also have:

  • Much more convenient when working with the work “with armor”
  • A little more convenient when working in rooms.
  • It looks immeasurably cooler than RPS.

Generally, the main plus RPS More ways to go unloading systems. It has been noted that during the long transitions. Same bibs and Carriers The back of the shoulder blades. But I can honestly say, RPS much less tired than in the drink.

And, by the way, all movements when changing store in the same RPS – biomechanically much more than natural in the case of bibs. It is because of this very biomechanics, under playcarriers It has been found.

And most importantly, it’s not a lot of things to do. That is, most of the war is all crawling. It doesn’t need to be able to run, walk, move, move bent over, on foursters / squatting. Crawling in a bib is, of course, possible, but inconvenient. It is a silhouette of a woman. RPS. If you are always happy, it’s always uncomfortable, and even traumatic. By the way, you can get hurt even if you are body armor (and if you are in the war?). Get injured in RPS with a “decline” it is possible only with fabulous luck (some wonders).

The second point is the coups and various “lower acrobatics”. AT RPS This is a standard training program. For example, it’s not a problem, you’ll make trouble for you. Crawling in it is quite inconvenient. Even though there can be noaf, trusts mi may be diar friends, even in this case pouches It is also the case for this function.

And I spoke only about creeping forward. Crawl back? And if you first back, and then forward? Or sideways? And now all in chorus, we recall that 90% of breastplates and Carriers pouches closed with “Velcro” – Velcro. What does this mean in practice? Well, firstly, the crunch will stand on the whole district. Especially at night, good and helpful. Vel buttons is even better. And if with a “strap”, then it’s a holiday.

And yes. Never. No, not so … NEVER !!! Do not take fashionable octopus into war “Open” pouches, with rubber utyazhki. Do not. Zasrёte all that is possible. Do not go further than a given building. Or, if you have a beautiful wrestling crossover crossover.


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