Pocket book soldier. Chapter 1: Field training. Part 2

We’ve been looking at what you’ve been scoring for field of sale soldier. Now we are close to direct fire contact.

Fire cards

Fire card is filled with firing position for more than half an hour. It will help you to make the most of the attacks. It is possible to determine whether it is possible to shelter it. After that, you can give them a special order. If you “break the nose” If you are a commander or patrol commander.

Laminate fire card, If you want to make it, then you can use it. This is what you write with a napkin. For your personal care.)

  • Do you tell by radio?
  • If there is no radio connection
  • If you are alone, will you be able to
  • How do you quietly inform the rest?
  • You will remain to follow?
  • If you are stumbled on, do you?
  • What will they do?

    You need to know where you are.

    Know the password-recall sharing procedure.

    Understand the direction of the patrols.

    Remember passwords,

    If you ask yourself, you can ask yourself what to ask for. Boredom on guard, scrolling through the answers, it’s better than hypnotizing the clock hand.

    Situational awareness, vigilance

    This is a way of life. Nothing like that, except that you can go on autopilot anyway. We are not always aware of your surroundings, we think about it.

    But when you are in a hostile environment, you cannot afford to “disconnect”. You need to be aware of your squad. There is a risk.

    This is a long time before the combat exit. We can meet your opponent right here? And what if the enemy appears here?

    Know your opponent, know your environment. This is not the case for the trainings.

    Your sight, hearing and smell

    It is a question of reducing the silhouette.

    Do you need to go ahead and try to find out what to do? You can turn the element of surprise to your advantage.

    It can be tidious and painful for a long time.


    If you want to make sure you’re on the waist level This method is used by poachers. It can be improved. It is true that the sound of the sound spreads.

    The board:
    If you need to take a breath Whistling whispers, far-spread in the dark.

    There are several things that you can do. If you want to see your mind, you can’t make up your mind.

    You can’t, because you’re completely defenseless, you’re dropping your weapon. It is worth it.

    Pocket book soldier. Chapter 1: Field training. Part 2: Card fire, target designation, …

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