Pocket book soldier. Chapter 1: Field training. Part 5

The field of training, the field of training, the field of training, the outside of civilization. British soldier’s backpack and trainer.

Packing Your Backpack

In the unit there may be an established approach to packing a backpack. Your backpack is essentially your home, and must be kept in order. One approach is what the space is. More on this later.

Bag grab bag

If you are a woman, she has to return to the left backpack later.

The contents of the bag grip is the critical equipment. It was a radioactive signal. For other specialties, this bag is used to increase survivability. I love you to keep your hands on your skin for a few hours. longer.

Smock and pants

  1. Swedish hood

    It means that you can’t cover your head. Cover it back. They are accustomed to wear a hood. (illustration from p. 1-48)

    Dumping your backpack

    This will prevent noise and save vulnerable equipment. If you are advancing

    Keep tactical vigilance

    Remember, move away from arm’s length. Put it up with the cocking handle.


    It is a large hermetic bag. Seal it tightly when crossing the river. Remember that it’s opening sound closing.

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