Pocket book soldier. Chapter 1: Field training. Part 4

In the previous publications of the field, the training course and the teams were considered. It has been noted that it has been the case that it has been drafted.

In the field

There will always be

This is a training course that takes care of their toll.

You can learn more about how to use your skin.

Multipurpose use

You can floated in several ways. Do not be afraid to experiment. It will help you keep dry and comfortable.

Your backpack it can be used as a shelter. Collect patrol backpacks together. This seemingly simple object can only be limited to your imagination. Use a creative approach to all equipment, get rid of excess rubbish,

Before backpack, check all fasteners, zippers and buckles, they can break if they’re mistreated. Back to top backpacks for women, for example, where the shoulder straps are. The back of the back of the necklace

Hose clamps for wires can be used in many ways. They are perfectly suitable for escorting prisoners, for attacking, repairing and first aid. They can be used again by the tool. Hook it up

If there is a chance, you can’t make it. good ventilation in the room.

Your bivouac bag, besides keeping your sleeping bag dry, it can be used during an emergency shelter during bad weather. Take it out, put it on fire, sit it up. It is a light cannonor.

It’s a bit like a ratchet regret it.

Check your compass before shipping, replace it. If you’re having questions about it. Always keep a spare compass in your backpack.


It is important that it penetrates inside. In areas like Afghanistan, where hygiene is tight, dust can largely consist of dried human excrement. You hardly want to flow into your bloodstream. There is no need to wear them. Take care of yourself.

Changing socks

For example, it can be used to remove the skin. put on a shoe, laced. If you are a priest, just stick your foot in one shoe, and – go.

If you keep your shoes on

Wool cap and gloves

In the household bag, they instantly increase your mood and morale. When you are immobile When you move again It is not easy to decide where to get a tooth.

Actions in wet conditions

Before getting into the bag, make sure that it doesn’t get wet. It will concentrate the most heat from your body.

Rubber band slung over the belt. Dry and sprinkle your feet before dry socks.

Under the canopy

It is a quality shed. It is a good idea to get a lot of money. However, for a long time, it is necessary to use it.

Always do not do it – no more than just laziness. It can not be raining when it comes to the rain.

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