Pocket book soldier. Chapter 3: Radio. Part 2

We’ve taken a look at the radio signaling of the radio frequency response. There is a discipline of a large military network.

Discipline and order of the radio

In large networks, order leads to the main station network. This station always has a call sign. Zero (0, ZERO) and has commanding powers. There are five simple rules for maintaining the order.

5 rules of compliance with the order of the radio

  1. You must always be aware of the order.
  2. Users must respond in strict alphanumeric order. For example, B31 responds earlier than C10, which in turn responds earlier than J11.
  3. It is not a case of accident.
  4. Use the exact frequency.
  5. Your radio is on reception.

Pocket book soldier. Chapter 3: Radio. Part 2: Discipline and Radio Communications

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