Pocket book soldier. Chapter 4: Military Intelligence

Intelligence data, which provides military intelligence – There are various sources and services. Inaccurate intelligence leads to commanders making unreasonable decisions. Such a commanders can be section. In fact, the basis of decision making.

You can’t be overstated at this point.

It was not a case for the common soldier.

However, since this is a period of more than ten years, since 2003 at least Transl.), Intelligence is now works at lower levels. This means that you can ensure that you receive your information.

It is not clear whether it is a full scale war or counterguerrilla operations. It should be noted that the process should be carried out. This will allow the commander to respond appropriately to the threat.

Intelligence processing cycle

In addition to the details seen, the following memo can come to the rescue:
Who did this? What were they doing? Who were they? When did this happen? How did they do it?

To improve the transmission of information, various reports are being created, including:

  • Intelligence reports (INTSUMs) – compiled at a time of day, consistent with the rhythm of hostilities, Intermediate links.
  • Intelligence reports (INTREPs) – compiled for reporting.
  • Patrol reports – compiled after each patrol. It’s not a problem. Therefore, it is possible to write your own, and you can write your own.

Person Description (A-H)

This is a concept for the purposes of this document.

A Age Age With an interval of 5 years, for example, 25-30
B Build Addition Skinny, athletic, fat. If possible, separate description of the upper and lower body.
C Clothes clothing Top down listing the color of clothes. If your clothes are soothed.
D Distinguishing features Special signs Visible scars, tattoos, etc.
E Elevation (height) Growth If it is not possible to look closely, then cars, roofs, etc.
F Face Face The shape and features, such as big nose, eye color, size of ears, etc.
G Gait Gait Confident, cowboy, depressed
H Hair Hair Color, length, hairstyle, etc.

What should be remembered when drafting a report

You need to be short. For example, it’s not a problem to try, say, a gap of 20-25, or 50-55.

Vehicle Description (SCRIM)

S Shape Body shape – hatchback, sedan, wagon
C Color Color
R Registration Registration numbers – if any
I Identification marks Identification marks – stickers, chips
M Make Manufacturer and Model

If it is a military transport, then another order is appropriate (WHAT):

W Wheels Wheels Quantity, size, distance; the same for the tracks
H Hull Body Form and identification signs, such as pipes, doors, hatches
A Armament Armament Primary and secondary weapons systems
T Turret Tower Form and location (front, middle, back)

Intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance (ISTAR)

IsstarIntelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition, and Reconnaissance

What Isstar? There are no problems with this method.

The number of soldiers and instruments. Observation, target acquisition and reconnaissance are ways to obtain this information. Then he was the leader of the intelligence agencies. An understanding of the terrain, disposition and intentions of the enemy.

ISTAR is a commander and thereby improve his decision making. This is a process that leads you to your work.

At the right time, to achieve the desired effect.

Work with a translator

In the case of a society, it is necessary to ensure that it is not a problem.

If you are a person, you need to do so.

This is the best result of cooperation.

  1. Always introduce yourself to your translator.
  2. Try to learn it, make an effort.
  3. Do you need to go ahead? It is not allowed.
  4. Ask him if he is doing a simultaneous, or sequential, translation. Consistent gives you more time to think.
  5. It should be noted that the translator does not participate.
  6. You are not a translator
  7. Make sure your translator feels comfortable. If you are nervous or depressed, you can stop the conversation.
  8. If you want to make it out for you, you can make it up for you.
  9. You can get down to business.
  10. Take the time to change the speech into a manageable chunks.
  11. Carefully choose a humor, you can’t get it correctly, and you’ll not be able to choose it correctly.
  12. It is not necessary to take care of it. Assume that the word “f ***” is recognized.
  13. It gives you a chance to make it.
  14. It is not a question of what you want to do during your conversation.
  15. Plan your time, conversation through an interpreter takes more time than a normal conversation.
  16. Avoid emotions, body language and anxiety.
  17. Make sure you translate your words.
  18. The person utters are your words.
  19. He will stay in the awkward position. It is not a problem.
  20. Make sure you are not the translator.
  21. Do not use jargon or abbreviations, express simply, clearly and accurately.
  22. Do not say “tell him / ask him.” Contact directly to the interlocutor.
  23. Treat the translator well, he has a difficult job.
  24. The concept of loyalty is
  25. Speak clearly.

Pocket book soldier. Chapter 4: Military Intelligence

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