Pocket chain saw, brief overview and small field testing.

Pocket chain saw designed for sawing coniferous and deciduous wood, with a moisture content of 12-50%. Ideal for tourists, fishermen, hunters, gardeners, motorists. Can be used both by one person and one person.. 

Pocket chain saw, overview and small field testing.

The main characteristics of the saw according to the manufacturer:

Total length – 100 cm,
Cutting length – 71 cm
Material steel 65G
Hardness HRC – 40-45
Handles – Polystyrene
Case dimensions – 48x55x120 mm
Has a rust-proof coating.

During operation, this chain saw is allowed to rivet and grind. The validity period of temporary anti-corrosion protection without re-preservation, according to the manufacturer, is at least 1 year. Options: the chain saw itself, two handles with cords, an insert with a description, a case.

Despite the manufacturer’s positioning the tool format as a pocket chain saw, in the existing standard plastic case measuring 48x55x120 mm, it’s not very suitable for a pocket one, it takes up a lot of space in your pocket and is not convenient to carry.

Pocket chain saw, brief overview and small field testing.
tree on top, there were slight distortions. In the place of the cut, the surface presses on the saw and, as a result, the wedge, it is necessary to put a support under one of the butt of the tree.

In addition, it is a little difficult to start sawing, the saw strives to slide and lie on its side, not ensuring the normal start of the sawing process. When sawing together, there was no particular discomfort, experimentally we came to the conclusion that it is necessary to saw to bend, lowering the handle when lowering the level below the sawing surface, so that the saw would grab the tree when sawing. The large contact area of ​​the working surface provides a faster result..

The wiring at the teeth of the saw is acceptable, it does not clog sawdust, although raw trees were also sawn. After sawing seven trunks with a total diameter of about a meter, a special blunting of the teeth was not observed. Yes, in principle, this is not a problem, the saw is sharpened, just like a regular one.

Pocket chain saw, brief overview and small field testing.

General conclusions on a pocket chain saw.

1. Good quality at an affordable price of 56 hryvnia (for 2007).
2. To break, you need to set yourself this goal, in fact, the saw is a bicycle chain with teeth, while 65G steel.
3. Ability to work with both two and one person.
4. A common disadvantage is the difficulty of cleaning after work, we used an old toothbrush.

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