Poisonous amphibians. Just don’t touch them

Man is the king of nature. Here are some animals forgotten to tell about it. So they arm themselves with various thorns, teeth, claws and worst of all, with poisons. Why the worst? It is leading to extremely disastrous consequences. Conventionally, these poisons are divided into hemotoxic and neurotoxic. Profuse bleeding and thrombosis. The second – completely block the transmission of nerve impulses. If you want to take action in time.

1 – mucus plug; 2 – epidermis; 3 – glandular cell

This is a drawback. That’s why I need to be, forgive my God, platypuses have spurs on their hind legs. If you want to be a breakfast? It was found. Moreover, the output is very simple and elegant. Poisonous cells are located on the skin of the skin. But the exit of the poisonous gland is constantly covered with mucous cork. The gland is squeezed out, the cork is squeezed out. The closest analogy may be banal squeezing acne. It is filled with an extremely unpleasant hemolytic poison, only sighting, and the acne. There are several meters of the distance. This is the case in the middle of the lane. warts.

Fire salamander

Salamandra salamandra. This is a small amped up to 25 cm long, which is covered with yellow specks of various shapes and intensities. It is in the west of Ukraine, in Poland, Moldova and further to the south. Prefers moist deciduous forests, is predominantly nocturnal. The main source of danger is the parotid glands. It is they contain a light neurotoxic poison. Under stress, the salamanders shoot them a few meters away. For humans, it is not dangerous, but it causes it. Dogs are a lot of less than good luck and get more concentrated. Described deaths. Fish for death, reptiles and even fish, death is inevitable. First aid – wash the mucous with water of water. It is better to pay attention to the Red Book.

Common toad

Bufo bufo. Absolutely ordinary toad. Squat, thick, bumpy, dirty-brown or grayish. Quite large – up to 15 cm. And quite poisonous. The parotid glands (again, yes) contain a special neurotoxin, bufotenin. It is even more dangerous when it comes to the eyes. And the dog may die.

Toads can also shoot as a salamander. But still meeting with the wild toad – just go around with her side. You absolutely do not need it. First aid – flush eyes and mucous with water of water.

Red-bellied toad

Bombina bombina A small frog? Prefers settles near water. Distributed throughout the middle lane. The glands are found throughout the body. Blessing, it’s not a fear.

Sometimes there are symptoms of general intoxication. Smaller mammals, such as dogs, may die. First aid – wash the mucous membrane.

Common garlic

Pelobatesfuscus laurenti. It dwells in the European part of Russia, preferring river valleys. A rather large toad with a pungent garlic odor. The glands are evenly distributed throughout the skin. It is more than that. In contact with mucous membranes – a sharp and unpleasant burning sensation.

In short, just don’t touch the toads and the frogs. Amphibians tasteless, nasty, and they themselves will not. They can not give you a chance to give. So just do not meddle with them. It’s not a problem.

Poisonous amphibians. Just don’t touch them

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