Poisonous berries in the forest. How not to poison

This is one hundred percent certain. It is better to leave a suspicious berry. It can be a lot of food poisoning. It is quite easy. So, what’s the most dangerous berries?

Raven eye

Perhaps the most dangerous option. Small black single berry can be easily confused with regular blueberries. For berry it contains a small number of people, it can be fatal for a person. It is a simple way to identify this plant. Also, it is usually a lone berry. Although it is a bit of a blueberry in the shape of a cross.

Wolf bit

There is a small difference between the sea buckthorn. The differences are in. that ripe sea buckthorn is bright orange, and the wolfberry is rich red. Plus, sea buckthorn leaves are much longer elongated. Also, the sea buckthorn produces significantly more berries. But in the early stages to confuse these plants is quite real.

May lily of the valley

Yes. give you the most I can not. It’s best not to touch them. Lily of the valley berries can be confused, perhaps, with cranberries or dogwoods. It is difficult to make it. It is not necessary to touch the lily of the valley berries.

Beladonna (belladonna)

They contain atropine, which is widely used for medical purposes. That’s just it contains it too much. Since the leaves of these plants are almost the same. That’s just each belladonna stem. On the same time.

Black nightshade

Several randomly eaten berries are given for you. And with it – stop breathing and heartbeat. You can use it with the same bird cherry, because However, it’s consistently that you can stick it out.

Mild bitterness

Do you need to check for glycosides. You can confuse them except with viburnum or rowan. Or with wild red currants. There is a five-pointed star in the nightshade. In addition, it is not a bit of a bunch of berries, however, it can be said about the above-mentioned plants. Well, it’s the real purple flowers.

Voronove krasnoplodny

A perennial plant with tasty looking red berries. It is easy to confuse with viburnum and rowan. But they are not shining, they stick out, resembling cones or cobs. In addition, the black-crowned black cohosh is more of a herbaceous plant, and it has no pronounced stiffened parts.

As you can see, there is no need to know so much. If you are not 100% sure, do not eat it. It is better to go on. At all risk, a lot!

Poisonous berries in the forest. How not to poison

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