Poisonous mushrooms: classification, photo and name

Picking mushrooms is a pleasant, but at the same time very important process. Simple inattention can be a cause for poisoning or even death. The reason for this is poisonous mushrooms. And although most people from childhood are accustomed to present in this case a red mushroom, unfortunately, there are much more varieties of them. That is why it is important to get acquainted with the information on how to identify edible and safe types of mushrooms before going to the forest.

  • Types of poisonous mushrooms
  • 2How to distinguish poisonous mushrooms
  • 3 Deadly poisonous mushrooms
  • 4 The most poisonous mushroom in the world

Types of poisonous mushrooms

Poisonous mushrooms contain in their composition hazardous substances that, entering the human body, begin to provoke a process of intoxication. Moreover, the concentration of these substances can be so strong that even after the heat treatment of the fungus or its drying, they can affect the human health no less destructive.

The main classification is characterized by the degree of impact of fungi on a living organism. They are divided in this case into 3 types:

  • Provoking food intoxication;
  • Affecting the central nervous system;
  • The most poisonous mushrooms lead to severe poisoning and death.

The third type is not only the most dangerous, but also very insidious. Toxins that enter the human stomach do not manifest themselves at first. And only with time begins the process of destruction of vital organs and systems. This is often the reason that people do not have time to save. And he dies, as a rule, in great agony.

Poisonous mushroom bloody toothIt is worth remembering that the precautions in the issue of collecting mushrooms will never be superfluous. And if you have any unpleasant sensations in the body after taking them, it is better to immediately seek medical help.

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