Poisonous mushrooms. Short review

Mushrooms are a very interesting thing. It is interesting that, for all their outwardly resemblance to plants, they are much more like animal organisms. Including the chemical composition and the method of nutrition. However, it is an extremely poisonous substance that accumulates and synthesize.

It is a fact that it is not a problem. poisoning to death. And almost everyone is capable of that. edible mushrooms, Therefore, it is extremely important to know where to collect. There is an overlay. The fact is that the vast majority edible mushrooms “Evil twins” possesses a lot of them.

Therefore, adopt a simple rule: do not take it. Of course, you will have to make out in time. poisonous mushrooms it is better not to risk it. It can help you distinguish from them.

The dangers of “quiet hunting”

  • Grebe – Amanita phalloide
  • Amanita red – Amanita muscaria
  • Red Champignon – Agaricus xanthodermus
  • Loggerone – Scleroderma
  • Gall mushroom (gorchak) – Tylopilus felleus
  • Dummybird – Hypholoma fasciculare

Death cap – Amanita phalloide

Traditionally, at the mention poisonous mushrooms, the grebe is the first place. It is not surprising. Moreover, it is a pain and weakness. And the most unpleasant thing to confuse pale toadstool it is very much like going to champignons or russula. Therefore, you need to remember the following distinguishing features:

  • white records
  • the ring
  • “Bag” at the base
  • thick and clean flesh

Yes, the poisonous substance ammanite contained in pale toadstool in huge quantities, it is not only for humans, but also for most species of insects. There are no no distinctive signs. So it is better to avoid them altogether. Champignon than accidentally take one toadstool

Amanita red – Amanita muscaria

For some reason, it seems to be confusing red fly agaric with something edible – almost unreal. Therefore, many mushroom pickers disregard safety when it comes to this mushroom. Ibotenic acid, it contains less than pale toadstool, so death is extremely rare. It is a good idea to take a hallucinogens … In a word, red toadstools better not to touch. You can randomly confuse it with a russula, boletus and caesar mushroom. Therefore, we must remember the following signs:

  • “White flakes” on the hat
  • film ring
  • white and firm flesh
  • white odorless plates

This is a non-permanent non-permanent sign. fly agaric, may be absent for example. due to the impact of rain. It should be recalled that red mushroom There are a large number of panther, yellow and grebe toadstools. It is indicated by us.

Red Champignon – Agaricus xanthodermus

Yes, we all have a favorite edible champignon there is an “evil twin brother”. Fortunately, not as life mentioned above. poisonous mushrooms. You can’t die. It’s not a bad idea. From the edible mushroom it can be distinguished by:

  • sharp and unpleasant smell (carbolic acid)
  • bluff
  • chrome yellow legs at the base

Pitman – Scleroderma

It’s hard to pick up a mushroom. It is therefore one of the most important reasons. In addition, this poisonous mushroom, it can be confused with different varieties of truffles. Several days spent in the “white friend” company. Fortunately, this is unpleasant, but not fatal. The following signs:

  • dense leathery shell
  • thick flesh
  • absence of spines on the surface

Gall mushroom (Gorchak) – Tylopilus felleus

The mushroom fully justifies its name – it tastes really bitter. Moreover, this bitterness doesn’t go away either during drying or during heat treatment. Fortunately, the gall fungus are limited. But what do you want? Fortunately, its distinctive features are fairly stable:

  • sharp odor
  • “Scales” and “mesh” on the leg
  • sharp bitter taste (it is possible to try, since it doesn’t threaten health)

Dummybird – Hypholoma fasciculare

This poisonous mushroom, Much to our happiness, it is not deadly either. It is very easy to get rid of it. The distinctive features are as follows:

  • unpleasant smell
  • yellow leg
  • sulfur yellow hat

It is normal – mushroom.

As you can see, confused edible mushroom with poisonous is very easy. It is not always a help. Therefore, once again we recall the most important rule: not sure – do not take it! If you follow it, then poisoning is almost minimal.

Poisonous mushrooms. Short review

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