Portable anti-aircraft missile system 9K333 “Willow”

“Willow” (Grau index – 9K333, rocket – 9M336) – Russian portable airborne vehicle heat guns. With the external similarity of this MANPADS It is a completely different kind of weapon. And they are not only traditional aircraft — they are capable of cruising missiles and UAVs. Rocket 9M336 complex 9K333 It is a solid-fuel engine that has a solid-fuel engine that has been designed for an infra-red line.

The complex includes automated control system It is the use of the ACS to determine their targets.

The “Verba” MANPADS includes:

  • Rocket 9M336
  • Trigger mechanism 9P521
  • Ground radar interrogator “friend – foe” 1L229V
  • Moving control point 9B861
  • Compact radar detector 1L122
  • Planning module 9С931
  • Intelligence and Control Module 9С932-1
  • Portable fire control module 9С933 (in the brigade kit), built-in mounting kit 9С933-1 (in the division kit)
  • Shooter automation kit 9С935
  • Training aids

Advantages of “Verba” MANPADS over their predecessors:

  • Significantly improved quality: now
    Homing head with nitrogen. This makes it possible to save human resources.
  • Improved reliability of the complex
  • At the same time, high continuity with previous MANPADS was maintained in terms of combat, work, maintenance and training.

Kolomenskoye KBM for the supply “Willows” and launched mass production of new MANPADS.

Tactical and technical characteristics of MANPADS “Verba”

Weight, kg 1.5
Range of action, m 500—6400
Lesion height, m 10–4500
Target speed, m / s up to 500
The reaction time of MANPADS, sec. up to 8

Missile MANPADS “Verba”

It is equipped with a unique three-spectral homing head operating in the ultraviolet, near-infrared and mid-infrared ranges. You can get more information about the target, which makes MANPADS “Selective” weapon. In addition, the head “Willows” It has a much better compared to MANPADS “Igla-S” sensitivity. This increases the range of air objects. It also makes it possible to identify thermal objects (thermal noise) and focuses on thermal radiation.

For portable anti-aircraft weapons on the battlefield. It’s been up to a distance of more than 500 meters per second. The size of the lesion varies from ten (!) To 4.5 thousand meters. The closest foreign competitor is Russian MANPADS – American complex FIM-92 Stinger It can be used only for 180 meters. This is an enemy infantry helicopter from below this mark: hit the hovering rotary-winged aircraft from “Stinger” it will simply be impossible. Not the most decent performance shtatovskoy MANPADS and other characteristics. So that the rocket can reach “Stinger”, can not exceed 3.8 thousand meters, and the distance from the location of the arrow is 4.8 thousand.

Arctic test

The commander of the 98th airborne division, Colonel Andrei Musienko (as part of this compound were also tested MANPADS “willow”) emphasizes more than 10 times. For example, it has been a small number of seconds. In the case of military weapons, it’s not a problem.

By the way MANPADS “willow”, The control system is used in the airborne forces. “Willow” also performed well in the Arctic zone. There were no problems with these weapons and control systems. As of Valery Kashin, General Designer of NPK KBM OJSC, it is noted that it is currently being developed.

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Portable anti-aircraft missile complex 9K333 &# 171; Willow&# 187;

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