Portable gas burners kill tourists

Winter tourism is a special category of pleasures. Extremely, I must say, extreme. Especially when on a moonless night, you thought. gas burner did not take? I would like to have a rest …

On December 9, the Ob River. It is a state of the art coma. Paramedics diagnosed with monoxide poisoning gas-burner.

It was a little bit more than that. gas burner to warm up, since they were too cold. Almost any gas burner carbon monoxide is released. The clouding of unawared Total – 2 corpses already in one future. Due to non-compliance with safety regulations.

Actually, the very problem of carbon monoxide emission in the process. gas burner – old and unpleasant. The burners themselves are used. For tourists, skiers and mountaineers were mostly limited.

But it was a cruel scientific point of view. We’ve seen the conditions for increase of CO, compared burners and made.

If to simplify, then there are two main conclusions:

  • Do not hold the dishes.
  • Do not use the color of the flame.

This is a flame cools of combustion products. Incomplete combustion, increased risk. However, they have been able to cope with high power.

What are their conclusions followed?

  • Provide effective ventilation. Drive hole as low as possible, discharge as high as possible. And even if it takes you a little more time.
  • Do not place the dishes directly in the flame. This sin very many “ultrafast” gas-burners, however, this is a carbon monoxide emission. Well, let’s call things by their own names. Product talk JetBoil What is in fact, the main garbage. Carbon monoxide but not heat in the surrounding space. Therefore, the tent, even with active ventilation, remains warm. Jetboil same gas emit just as active, but the room is not heated, giving all the heat to the dishes. Therefore, to ensure normal ventilation stupidly cold. So many do not provide …
  • Do not use low power, avoid yellow flame;

Own security

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