Post-apocalypse machines: Simplicity, reliability or economy?

There are many natural question:

“What is the hell of a gasoline?” Wouldn’t it be more economical and perfect? Or for the sake of entertainment, sacrifice common sense? “

A cool appearance is, of course, important. But in fact, you’re using it. post-apocalypse machines. And that’s why.


The old technique was made conscientiously. Thick metal, simple but durable compound. Everything is hard, harsh, soundly. He couldn’t know how to rust, then quietly start up after a little repair. It is not light, but it is not necessary. Therefore, it will be much easier to bring the equipment into working condition.

Easy to repair

Maximize the turnover. People should not buy more often. It appears that it has been discharged from scratch. So with the machines in the same way. If you’re looking for a car, you can’t be in a post-apocalypse.

At one time was my grandfather’s “Zaporozhets”. Classic, Soviet. You can fix it for 2 days. But you do it yourself. Without any special equipment, for a hammer, chisel and some kind of mother. It was already very intensively. That’s post-apocalypse machine it can be repaired by yourself.

The presence of the frame

Most of the modern auto technology has a “fuselage” design. That is, the load is evenly distributed throughout the body. It allows you to reduce the amount of time. The passenger remains intact. But in the post-apocalypse conditions, all this is no longer important.

The design of modern machines is unsuitable for modification. You can’t hang up a lot of armored plates. Plus, it is difficult to overload it. It was found that it was a peace of mind. Including the race over rough terrain. So these are the “shushpantser”.

As for security, then everything will be different too. If two post-apocalypse machines harder and harder What is the case? What will happen to you? It is necessary to stay on the road.

Powerful motor

Main tasks post-apocalypse machines – “Save a couple of gasoline gasoline” condition. Therefore, it will be worth it. It is better to burn it.

Moreover, the engine should be. And you definitely want to weigh your post-apocalypse machine armored plates. Have a chance to succeed.

In addition, post-apocalypse is almost always bad roads. Yes, even worse than it is now in the post-Soviet space. And in such conditions, a motor is a definite advantage. You will not be able to get there. Of course, it is important. But the powerful engine seriously facilitates its task.


Speaking of swamps and sands. Apocalypse machine one of the most experienced machines. If you’re a little bit harsh, you’re looking for what you’re looking for. remain in the lead. Take as an example the Niva and UAZ.

In addition, it’s not a problem. You can not say about modern wheelbarrows. Well, you remember – the service center, special equipment …


Yes, it is this fuel discussion. If you’re not happy with what you’ve been doing, you’re not lost with your performance. Burns. Moreover, they can even be easily converted to other combustible materials.

And when it comes to even bad gasoline, it will go into action. Extremely low quality and insufficient cleaning. Shan, will not work. The same goes for oil.

Post-apocalypse machines: Simplicity, reliability or economy?

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