Post-apocalypse Professions: BP comes on, and what’s next?

Salute to all and the sun. Now talk to the most seasoned survivors. I usually write, but directly.

Boys Husband is gone. Passed a month al three, it does not matter. Your stew is over, the cartridges are brewing. And then what?

Hto something piously sure to be a breadwinner. The forests are of gold and gold. He will draw and drag everything into the house. He is a hero and he is a hero of his mind. One thing is the biosphere.

Others, enlightened, thought to trade with their brains. There is a lot of vacancies, a merchandiser, and a consultant. necessary professions (that though my type, teacher of English, hehe). One bad thing is that no one needs it.

Third – even smarter. They are going to paint their storekeepers. There is a lot of schoolchildren. Guys. I don’t even want to say anything here.

In other words, you must not be necessary for society. Where is the priority needs? Look below, eh?

Let’s try to figure out who will be needed when BP

Miners. It does not matter, farmers or hunters, everyone wants to eat and always. Learn to find a grub. If you need more, look at the warehouses for food, clothing, shoes, everything. How will you find – especially your business.

Builders. Carpenters, joiners, bricklayers, stoves. The soul requires heat. Having wallowed tasty, it is necessary to fall at the warmth.

The zeusarians. Dear Zozhevtsy! Skip this item. The rest are welcome! The ass will come. Alkashka, tobacco, Away from the horror of the mortal world. In addition, herbalists and traditional healers are also here.

Industrialists. Loudly over the top. Not even manufacturers. These are rags, mostly. Flax, nettle, woolner. Clothes will be warming. We will also include repairmen here. Shoemakers – priority.

Kovali. It was forged, not blacksmiths. Reforging of ferrous metal for useful needs.

Peddlers, burkholschiki. Small goods, such as spices, needles, pills, – everything will be delivered, just pay.

The rest, as for me, is secondary. In your opinion, everything could be different.
Learn to be independent, learn not to die. It is always useful.

Shl. All sunshine, comrades.

Advice and preparation for emergencies

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