Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

“Afghan” or “Chechen”? This is a mental disorder.

PTSD – posttraumatic stress disorder. It is not important here. This could be a war, an accident, a fire, a flood, a street race, republics).

What is PTSD?

It is a matter of course. It is a weight loss. For example, if you take a cold shower, gradually (!) Lower body temperature and increase immunity. It can be a problem. If you’re a person who has been prepared for a real fight, he will be able to act normally. It can be a bit dying and it can’t die for the first minute.

In other words, the body mobilizes the body (including in extreme situations), and the overload demobilizes.

The line between payload and harmful overload each has its own. It’s a disaster. It also depends on experience (better, of course, positive). For the “grated” person, you can’t become a victim. And for some metropolitan hipsters this can become a tragedy, after that.

Of course, you need to be trained, it’s not. It is clear that a person has been able to complete his psychophysical practices associated with emotions (rage, fear). It will be further deplete.

In general, it is a pathway that we’ve been conscious of it. More precisely, the pre-stress situation, fear. But not consistently. It will not be enough for you to get it anymore. It is impossible to follow these instructions. Therefore, the details will not be described.

It is worth noting that it has been the case where it has been accepted.

It is also interesting that stress overload has 2 types:

  • sharp, excessive for the psyche (accident, earthquake, fire, war, street attack)
  • gradual – in small but continuous doses (“happy” family life, “good, friendly” team, etc.)

In other words, it can be either a stormy flood, or

In both cases, it is no longer possible to cope with life issues. It is a funeral for a person with PTSD – an extra cause for rabies.

This is a very important point. PTSD – This is a disease. If you’re accustomed to secrete adrenaline and noradrenaline in large quantities, then it will continue.

Symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder

PTSD characterized by poor sleep, increased fatigue, apathy, irritability, “true-faith”, and also alertness. A person with such a disorder cannot socialize (if he, of course, needs this). He seems to be a little bit different.

It is necessary to get out of this state. What is good in wartime for a peaceful time, and vice versa. Alas, the victims PTSD There are a lot of such things.

The inner attitude is also very important – you need to understand that PTSD – (If we are talking about melee fighters or fighters). And, again, this can manifest itself in ordinary, social life. For example, a negative attitude towards a group of people. But for a long time. You need to alternate tension with relaxation. After that, you should be relaxing.

For example, it would be a lot of people to talk about it. Pay attention to this. What do you really want? And even less of those who work on this. It will help you to make a better tester. Reflected in a negative way. Because our life creates our consciousness. It is a state of mind. It will be reflected on him, or on his loved ones.

Therefore, you must always balance it.

How to treat PTSD?

This disease must be dealt with and experienced specialists. You can follow some of the simple recommendations:

  • chat with nice people
  • enough sleep, rest
  • creativity, hobby (drawing, sculpting, wood carving, dancing, singing – whatever)
  • light physical activity
  • a combination of good food
  • opportunity to be alone in nature
  • exercises like key system (video can be found on the Internet)

There is also a drug like Mexidol, which is sold in pharmacies without a prescription. This is not a tranquilizer, but it only normalizes our metabolism. The fact that it is noted above PTSD The adrenaline glands produce irritation and irritation. Normalizing hormonal balance, we normalize the psyche, becoming calmer. But in this case it is necessary to consult a doctor. In general, it’s not a problem. Of course, you can’t be treated.

And remember that PTSD It is a fact that it’s not a problem. and personal life). Plus chronic insomnia. In addition, if not treated PTSD, It is your life program.

PTSD: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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