Pouch for 2 stores for AK from Zulu Nylon Gear

You are welcome to contact us at the Kalashnikov. It makes it possible for you to look at it. There is a link to the website of the website, there is a video link. But we digress. Okay, they drove:

This review turned out to be “protracted.” I started to deal with double pouches for AK / VZ58 I used to find out more. Although I’m not sure, I’ve got them.


AK-47, AKM, VZ58, etc. upward, and many unique design features are based on this. In the case of these pouches, you can also use it.

Pouches also have an EXCELLENT Zulu Nylon Gear check valve. This is a “loop” at the front. It is a rule that it can always be used for a small textile fastener. The valve is securely held in place.

Operational observations

This is a unique approach to ergonomics. It is easier to use it. It is not clear that the shooter has been moving.

In the case of the nylon gear, it was taken for a while while it was recharging. It is a new type of pouch. It is the result of this approach.

Shops are held up. It means that the shooter is “fits easily”. This is a reloading of stores. It is a small pitch that hasn’t been seen.

It is clear that there has been a lot of pressure on it. AT Zulu Nylon Gear already have experience with check valves on their pouches for M4. For their pouches AK feel here at home. The valve folds are very well in the front. It is easy to make sure that it is easy to use it.

If you want to be able to use it, you can also get it. This is the case where the valve works.

Finally, it’s not necessary to say that you’re losing it. It is a sling and adjustable elastic rope. The process of reloading weapons is determined by the order of the valve, which is the design of the valve of Gracefully.

Additional elastic locks were the most difficult for effective mastering. Removing it firstly after removing the first. It is clear that this has been the case. This clamps really tight. It is a little bit of a bit. When the retainer is tightly tightened.

It is a solution for secondary fixation. The rope was re-seated.

I was afraid, I’m not sure, I’ve been clumsy. It is not a problem at all. There is no difference in the number of pouches. The bottom part of the little one. There is a need for a little bit of peace. There will be no noticeable difference in volume when lying down.

I met a pound of double pouches. In the case of the first has been removed. Shooter during training.

Summing up

These store pouches are different. I understand that they solve a certain task. You can follow the process of reloading the machine. They coped well with me. Since many of the turning movements are usually required, disappears.

Like all gear from Zulu Nylon Gear, it fell into your hands. You should appreciate the design of these pouches. It is fascinating how they’re put out. I would like more manufacturers to do this.

Pouch for review was provided by the manufacturer.

(c) Matt, Jerking the Trigger
Translation – Sergey Medvedev

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