Power methods of self-defense during an attack on the street, pain points on the human body.

First of all, learn half a year of visiting a sambo section or martial arts does not guarantee you victory in a duel when attacked by a night robber. It is unlikely that a criminal who decides to go into unsafe fishing has less experience of fights than you. 

Power methods of self-defense in an attack on the street, pain points on the human body.

Feeling like Bruce Lee, you only harm yourself by dulling your vigilance, if you want, even fear that is healthy for such situations, and as a result, you will not use the only opportunity that allows you to “make legs”. In order to confidently confront the criminal, six months of martial arts are not enough. Yes, perhaps a little year.

on an initially weaker passer-by, this is even worse than war. That even conducted according to certain rules.

Solar plexus. This blow is good, but requires certain boxing skills, which theoretically, from reading this advice a hundred times, are not developed. Throat the most unprotected part of the human body. But in order to get into it, it is advisable to force the enemy to bully his head. Take a look at the roof of the nearest building, round your eyes, utter an exclamation of surprise, maybe your opponent will succumb to the trick and look up, for which he will raise his chin. Beat the open Adam’s apple with your fist or palm edge. A strong blow to the throat can be fatal.

A very hard punch in the fist base of nose or in the nose. But such strikes must be well delivered. Punch in temple able to instantly disable the enemy. A strong blow to kill. Nape, or rather, the upper part of the neck. A hard hit with your fist or edge of the palm at the base of the skull can not only immobilize, but also kill your opponent. Eyes the most vulnerable spot. They are not protected by either muscle or skin. They are open to traumatic shock. An exact attack can blind the enemy for hours, and a strong one for life. The beat should be divorced with the middle and index fingers, thumb or middle knuckles.

A sharp hit with the edge of the palm from the bottom up to upper lip causes severe pain and loss of consciousness, since a dense network of nerve endings is located at the base of the nasal cartilage. Strong blow on both sides with folded hands on to the ears leads to loss of consciousness of the attacker. I must say that the eyes, lips and ears are very sensitive to force during an attack. Things to remember during close combat when it is impossible to strike from afar. For example, in attempted rape or asphyxiation, when the adversary came close or grabbed his victim with his hands.

In this case, only eyes, lips and ears are potentially achievable. They should be beaten. In the eyes with your fingers. On the lips with your fist or grab them with your fingers and with all possible forces jerk down. The same thing can be done with the ears. But it’s even better to push a sharp object pulled out of the hair into the ear of a hairpin, fountain pen, key, etc. A damaged eardrum will cool the fervor of the most ferocious bandit. But the easiest and most effective way to put in motion is not your fingers, but your teeth, especially since they, unlike hands, are likely to be free. So they should cling to all the same lips, ears and nose. And so grab that at least bite. As a powerful strike weapon, you can use your own head.

For example, if the enemy grabbed you from behind during the attack. The blow of your neck in the nose of another is a very serious blow. Of course, if you have the guts to hit with all your might. Similarly, the head can hit the enemy standing in front. In the criminal environment, they are very fond of such stealth attacks. And that means they will suit you. Feel free to use improvised means. Remove the penknife. Hit your face with sharp keys. The tip of the umbrella. The cutting edges of the broken bottle on the asphalt that you hold by the neck. Burn the skin of the enemy with a burning cigarette. Or poke a fountain pen in the eye. Women can successfully use a hairpin as a weapon. Feel what name? Barrette. Well, use it as intended!

But! Whatever methods of defense and attack you possess, whatever weapons you prepare for battle, you should not show your skill ahead of time. If the adversary knows what to expect from you, combat skills lose their relevance. No threats (I have four given in the asset and a grenade in my pocket!), No warning lunges and combat defensive postures. On the contrary, pretend to be unlucky, relax the enemy in defiantly stupid actions, convince yourself of your incapacity, let him open and quickly, without preliminary preparation, that is, without swings, fighting stances, deliver a “fatal” blow.

Just do not look where you are going to strike. Do not warn him of your intentions if you do not want to run into a counterattack. Look somewhere to the side. And do not be silent! Shout “Hurray!”, “Kill!”, “Police!” Or something more articulate, but no less formidable! Firstly, someone can hear you and call the police. Secondly, screaming is a means of psychological attack. Unless, of course, he has a tonality of threat, and not a request for mercy. Thirdly, your scream “turns” you on, sets you up for battle and victory. Convincing in his own strength.

Not without reason, most street fights begin with insults and screams, warming up the brawlers. And not without reason in martial arts, holding a reception is accompanied by screams. Well, you scream too. It’s even easier to die. Than in deathly silence for you. If you managed to “drop” your opponent to the ground, do not wait for him to rise, go for finishing. I understand that such advice does not correlate much with the code of officer honor and the unwritten rules of courtyard children’s fights, where the speed bump is not beaten. And you have to. And it’s lying. Until he got up and laid down on the vacant place on the pavement you.

Finishing a defeated enemy in an attack is one of the first rules of street fighting and hand-to-hand fighting. Do not let the bandit attacking you stand up. Kick him at the most vulnerable points in the face, stomach, groin. Beat until he stops trying to get up. Beat even if you haven’t touched a single person in your entire life. Then hit all the more. In a similar situation, like in battle, either you or you. I only conjure you to beat at full strength, because if he stands up, you will not be able to count on pity. They will kill you already. Bandits do not like passion when they are hurt.

One or two with the maximum application of impact forces and a quick retreat or finishing off an unrecovering enemy. The middle, that is, the expectation when he finds himself, is equal to defeat. Hit. Without fear of crippling your opponent. Remember that the Penal Code gives you the right to self-defense. Until the assailant is killed in an attack on you. There is a known case when a farmer killed three racketeers who came from him to receive “tribute” from him and was released in peace. Remember that from the point of view of the law, the attacker will be found guilty, even if the victim suffers more. Even if it is crippled.

Necessary self-defense when attacking you.

But only when it attacks. And if only it threatens, and you respond to the abuse and demonstration of the fists with a crippling blow, then the Criminal Code protects not you, but your victim. And you turn from a victim into a criminal. This is the facet of legislation that you need to know about in order not to suddenly be on the prison bunk. A citizen has the right to self-defense in an attack only in situations that clearly threaten his life and the life of his loved ones. In all other cases, he cannot count on the softness of the law..

As well as in the cases when as an instrument of retaliation not random bricks, stakes, penknives and kitchen knives were used, but firearms and knives prohibited by law, as well as grenades, grenade launchers, poisonous substances, tanks and large-caliber artillery. What I must warn the reader about. However, when I meet in a dark alley with a group of bandits about this law, I recommend that you better not remember. In order not to weaken the impact force. Because the law, even in the worst case scenario, can send an involuntary killer to places not so remote for only a dozen and a half years. And the bandits to the next world for the rest of their lives.

And now, I will tell you about one more, but this time a tragic case. The champion of France in karate, the owner of many belts, medals, etc. sports and military distinctions, was killed by a teenage bully teenager with a stitch in the back. This I mean, that you can not consider your skill as a panacea for all possible troubles. You can lose.

In conclusion, I will cite a really wise rule of the ancient eastern fighters: the battle won is the one that did not take place! And on top of it, I’ll remind you of our domestic, maybe not so sophisticated, but essentially accurate sentence: there is no reception against scrap! So try to win the battle without starting it. Following them, you will be better protected from the unexpected than even having a black belt in karate.

Based on materials from the School of Survival during the Economic Crisis.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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