Powerbank YD-T011 external battery. Advantages and disadvantages

Tourists, as we remember, are conventionally divided into two types. It’s harsh walkers and hardening. Make it possible, as much as possible by using various gadgets. But, unfortunately, many of these gadgets are powered by electricity, so if you.

That’s just what they were invented for, and the battery was invented. AND Powerbank YD-T011 – an example of such a device.

So. What manufacturers say about it. It can be able to work even in cloudy weather. Declared capacity is 5000 mA. The claimed current is from 0.5 to 1 A.

What practice has shown. First, the order of 4500 mA. Charged and tested. But still, very decent. Secondly, yes, there is water resistance. It is definitely a weaken. Thirdly, Powerbank YD-T011 It is really reliable and durable. Yes, and rubber “bumpers” are really able to adequately absorb shocks. However, many people buy extra rubber cases to increase reliability. And sealant poured.

Besides, Powerbank YD-T011 lightweight, ergonomic, easy to use. Indicators clearly show flashlight can also be useful. If you can’t charge it. You also have a bunch of adapters.

But now about the sad. Yes, it can charge even in cloudy weather. But no – it only compensates for the self-discharge of the device. It can be a charge, especially from a fully discharged state. You can “pour” into the battery. If at 3000 mA is accumulated.

Total Powerbank YD-T011 beautiful, quite durable and reliable. But it doesn’t interfere with additional protection from moisture. Although it is not enough to scratch. So if you are interested in efficiency, then it is better to take charge.

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