Practical shooting, the art of gun ownership, ultra-fast shooting, safe handling of weapons.

weapons. Whether it’s hunting, duty, or defending the homeland.

Unlike traditional shooting disciplines, practical shooting is based on the principle of a balance of three elements: accuracy, power and speed. In other words, the shooter must be able not only to hit the target with each bullet sent, but also to do it as quickly as possible, because time also counts. The power of a weapon also affects the number of points, because the more powerful the weapon, the more difficult it is to shoot.

Targets during the construction of exercises are located at different distances, and the target environment changes from competition to competition, so that athletes do not get used to the same shooting conditions. All this makes practical shooting one of the most exciting types of shooting sports, competitions in which are distinguished by exceptional entertainment and dynamism and always take place in the setting of a real holiday..

Competitions are held according to the rules of the International Confederation of Practical Shooting (ICPS). They are based on seven main principles:

1. Security.
2. Quality.
3. Balance.
4. Variety.
5. Freestyle.
6. Difficulty.

At practical shooting competitions they shoot from pistols and revolvers, from smoothbore guns and rifled carbines. The pistol shooting technique is the most complex and interesting. If the shooter has mastered the technique and rules of practical pistol shooting, it will be much easier for him to master shooting from a smoothbore gun and carbine.

Therefore, the main theme of this book is practical pistol shooting. In other books that are being prepared for printing, you will get acquainted with the methodology of practical shooting from a smoothbore gun and carbine.

For almost half a century, shooters, practicing practical shooting, tried to shoot as quickly and accurately as possible, improving weapons and shooting equipment. During this time, the principles and methodology for preparing a fast, accurate and accurate shooter with automatic skills for safe possession of weapons have been developed.

In the course of natural selection revealed the highest quality, reliable and fastest weapons, the best ammunition and sights. The most effective grip of the weapon and the stand when shooting from various positions and in motion were determined. There were “fast” sports holsters and pouches.

During training and competition, the shooter very quickly develops the ability to control weapons and the environment under stress. The shooter tempers character. There is confidence in the handling of weapons. The skills of safe handling of weapons are strengthened, whether it be a gun, a hunting rifle or a carbine. For the most successful and quickest execution of the exercise, the shooter must carefully analyze complex target situations and build his own “game plan”.

Employees of security companies and employees of law enforcement agencies have already appreciated the practical shooting and accepted this sport as applied to improve fire training of personnel. Many citizens, at least once taking part in the exercises, have become ardent fans of practical shooting and have acquired an interesting and healthy hobby..

Book Content Practical Shooting.

What is practical shooting.
On the history of practical shooting.
Weapon in practical shooting.
Targets and targets.
How to handle weapons.
How to train.
Stand and grip gun.
Shot production.
Pistol snatch and first shot.
Strong and weak hand.
Weapon transfer.
The art of hitting targets.
Moving with weapons.
Practical shooting on the move.
Inconvenient shooting positions.
Internal work on oneself.
Duel practice shooting.
What’s next?
Frivolous Glossary of ICPS Terms.
Photo album.

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