Prahok – Cambodian Fermented Fish

Has always been more difficult than other places. It turned out to get it. People of Cambodia are no exception. They have been saved, regardless of external conditions. This dish was called dust and survived even to our times.

In principle, there is no need to preserve the product – salting, drying, God forbid, fermentation. It was really not enough. Therefore, it is necessary to use the most unpleasant option. But, to admit, quite successfully.

Even now, there are villages that are fully production oriented. dust. It is not recommended that you try the fish. But the locals are used to it. Moreover, many classic Cambodian dishes are based on phragm. It doesn’t smell so unpleasant. That is, in principle, it is possible to get out.

Getting ready dust quite simple. Any fish is taken, but in really large quantities. Even snakeheads will do. Yeah, it’s recognized as dangerous weed fish. But for this dish they will fit perfectly. So here.

The fish is scaly, decapitated and gutted. What is quite unusual for many types of “budget” oriental dishes? However, it needs to be processed. Moreover, the fish is cut into small pieces, and then crushed. Sometimes even kicking – as in europe grapes for wine. But it doesn’t matter. The more uniform the mixture, the better.

Then the blank for dust somewhere on the street. The sun is shining, the fish is slowly beginning to wallow. The fermentation processes are running. Now fish is plentifully salted and dumped in large barrels or vats, where it is fermented further. The container is not covered. And leave for 20 days. Minimum. And the maximum … Let’s just say, sustained is considered dust, which has been fermented for 3 years.

The result is a “fish mass”, relatively uniform, with a specific smell. In simple terms – it stinks scary. But for health it is absolutely safe. True dust Still, it is recommended to use stew, fry or even cook. And, preferably, in a mixture with other products. It is a fish sauce.

3 years without spending too much resources is good. The stench and peculiar taste are bad. But he didn’t really want to choose. So this experience can be learned as a recipe. dust.

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