Preparation and collection of emergency emergency supplies, survival kit, NAZ.

The following guidelines should be reviewed before you begin designing and filling out your emergency stockpile or survival kit. Regardless of who you are or what your intentions are, these recommendations will help you decide what and how to pack in order to achieve maximum efficiency and give away the kit in almost any environment.. 

Preparing and collecting your emergency emergency stockpile, survival kit, NAZ.

In the process of preparing and filling up an effective emergency emergency stockpile or kit for survival in the wild, it will become increasingly clear that the kit will not only be intended for survival in the wild. Our urban, civilized world is perhaps the most dependent culture on the planet, which, in turn, is just a side effect of decades of disregard for our own lives.

The more rules, instructions, laws and insurance systems a nation comes up with, the weaker our self-confidence becomes. In our technological cosmology, as frightening as possible, we have become slaves to the system itself and do not know at all what to do if suddenly the earth goes under our feet. After finishing work that some people simply hate, people go home to their homes bought in installments for 30 years. Someday they will receive water and food from the holes right in the walls of their own houses..

a situation or an accident leading to a violation of energy consumption, a real existence temporarily comes into its own. Rest assured, the benefits of a well-designed emergency stockpile or survival kit will be undeniable both in the wild and in your backyard or apartment.

Taking care of yourself and those you love is a manifestation of the good old common sense. Don’t be misled, hoping that someone will come and solve all your problems, whether you are at home or in the wild.

Remember that your emergency emergency stock should be:

1. Relevant environmental conditions.
2. Light in weight and easy to carry.
3. Waterproof, reliable and durable.
4. Complementing the physical fitness and level of professionalism of the user.
5. Able to satisfy a wide range of conditions – back to the beginning.
6. Consisting of multipurpose components.
7. Consisting of high-calorie foods.
8. Protecting against panic attacks so that you can use its components in case you have been injured.
9. Consisting of components that can be easily bought or made.
10. Affordable, but effective.
11. Tested in the field. Either use it or throw it away!
12. Simple!

Environmental friendly.

In Arizona (USA), assembling an emergency kit so that it fully meets the environmental conditions is quite a difficult task, because the geographic diversity of this state changes for a very short time while you are driving in Arizona, compared to any other northern or southern state of america. You can drive from Phoenix in the Sonoran Desert to Flagstaff near the San Francisco Mountains with their alpine tundra in less than 3.5 hours. During this time, ten different plant zones intersect, which can be equated to a journey from Mexico to Canada.

Thus, you can face the scenario of survival in the desert and in winter conditions, and in just one day. To solve this geographical problem, if you adhere to the basics of regulating body temperature, the composition of your emergency emergency supply should still undergo small changes from region to region. Explore in advance the area in which you will travel for specific information that can complement your experience and help you collect your untouchable stock (NAZ) accordingly. A trip to the expanses of Alaska will require completely different preparations, unlike traveling to the wild places of Mexico.

Lightweight and easy to carry.

If your emergency kit (NAZ) is not easy and easy to carry, then you will not be able to carry it with you. Instead, it will collect dust in the far corner of your closet or under the driver’s seat in your car. The weight of emergency emergency stock should not be more than 15 kilograms and be an exorbitant burden for you. It should include the simplest devices designed to save your life. Try to design your emergency kit so that it is as small as possible in size and weight, but very practical. The less he annoys you, the more likely he will be with you and help in a difficult situation.

Waterproof, reliable and durable.

There is at least one item in your emergency kit that must always be protected from water. Can you guess what it is? That’s right, these are your matches. Some environmental conditions require you to protect a whole bunch of products from moisture. Again, knowing the information as much as possible about the area where you are going to save you a lot of nerves. If your preliminary research indicates that it is dry at your destination, do not blindly trust that this will be the case. In our age of plastic technology, there can be no excuses why you could not keep yourself and your survival kit dry.

If your emergency kit is not reliable and not durable, then get ready that there will be one less person in your gene pool. This is your individual emergency kit, there is no place for cheap and low-quality equipment that can not withstand the hardships of travel. My emergency kit recently passed a fierce reliability test. I met a group of newcomers in order to conduct a two-day training on desert survival skills with them. My jeep was temporarily out of order, and a friend offered to plant me. When we loaded things into his truck, I foolishly left my emergency kit near the passenger door.

A friend began to taxi onto the road and drove right through the emergency set. Nightmare! Since I myself would never dare to repeat such a monstrous experiment, I decided to complete the experiment and untying the package, I began to look, subject by subject, that all the same survived. The truck with its weight opened the bottle with iodine, split the compass and crushed the box from the film, where the tinder was lying, and that’s all. Sumptuously! By the way, one of the liter water bottles flew out in the opposite direction from under the front tire, and in addition to minor scratches, it remained practically unscathed.

I cannot but assume that she was saved thanks to two rows of insulating tape wound in the middle. And although, I think that you are not going to move your emergency kit by truck, high-quality equipment in it will repay you well more than once.

Complementing the physical fitness and level of professionalism of the user.

The point to which absolutely no importance is attached to commercial emergency sets is its correspondence to physical fitness and the level of professionalism of the user. Human beings are very significantly different from each other in terms of physical fitness, ability and dexterity. If you weigh 200 kilograms, you have sore knees, severe asthma, or you are generally a homebody, then you will need to change the composition of the set for yourself, and then everything will be all right. I’m just trying to break the myth of emergency dialing (NAZ), which will suit everyone without exception, a sort of one size for all.

In any survival scenario, your physical body is what you are trying to convey to your home, not in a plastic bag for corpses. Obviously, the better you are, the more stress your body carrier can withstand. If you participated in a horse race, then you probably would not have won. How can you expect much from your body if it is old, tired and not in shape? Practice using your emergency emergency supply until you are blindfolded to know how to use its components. And while you may not be an expert, if at all you can be an expert in the wild, your emergency kit should reflect the level of skills that you possess.

According to the materials of the book 36.6 degrees. The art of staying alive!.

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