Preparation of mushroom powder and mushroom extract, freezing fresh, fried and dried mushrooms.

Mushroom powder in digestibility surpasses not only mushrooms cooked in various ways, but also many well-known products. The best grades of bread are absorbed in the human body by 70-80%, vegetables by 72%, dried mushrooms by 65-68%, and chopped in the form of mushroom powder by 80-89%. Like dried mushrooms, the powder retains a significant amount of vitamins and other valuable substances, including aromatic. 

Preparation of mushroom powder and mushroom extract, freezing fresh, fried and dried mushrooms.

To prepare mushroom powder, mushrooms with a pleasant taste and smell are selected. White, saffron milk cap, boletus, boletus, boletus, mushrooms, umbrellas, chanterelles, morels The powder may be patchy. It is often prepared from a mixture of various types.

so hard that they are said to rattle. Allow to cool and grind in a coffee grinder, mill for grinding pepper or grind in a porcelain, sometimes in a metal mortar. The resulting flour is sieved through a sieve, the remaining large particles are dried and ground. Mushroom powder is a very moisture-loving product. It is stored in a dry, dark room in a hermetically sealed container (glass jars, bottles with a screw cap).

Before using the mushroom powder, it is mixed with a small amount of warm water, in which it swells for 25-30 minutes, after which it is added to the prepared dish and boiled for 10-15 minutes. The resulting flour is a good seasoning for soups, sauces, stewed meat and vegetable dishes, where only mushroom smell and taste are needed and mushrooms are not needed in general.

Preparation of Mushroom Extract.

To prepare the mushroom extract, they take basically the same mushrooms from which the powder is made, as well as older, less valuable species. You can also use the waste remaining after processing the mushrooms: legs, spongy layers of hats, crumb. All these raw materials are thoroughly cleaned, washed, finely chopped. An ordinary meat grinder is quite suitable for grinding. Then the mushroom mass is placed in an enameled pan and boiled for 30 minutes in its own juice with a slight boil.

The resulting juice is filtered in a separate bowl through cheesecloth, previously scalded with boiling water. The mushroom mass is squeezed out strongly. It is again boiled, adding water this time and stewed until the juice is separated, which is filtered and mixed with the one obtained earlier. This liquid, putting salt in it at the rate of 1-2 teaspoons per 1 liter, is poured into a large pot and put on low heat. The lid is not covered, allowing the water to evaporate until the extract thickens and becomes like a syrup. Readiness can be determined by the fact that it will be held on a spoon with a thin layer.

The extract is poured hot in small bottles or small jars (they must be sterilized in advance), which are immediately tightly corked and quickly cooled. Store in a cool, dry room. If it is not, then the containers with the extract are sterilized in boiling water for 35-45 minutes. The extract can be given a sharp taste if you add hot table vinegar (6-7 tablespoons per 1 liter) to it before bottling, in which the bay leaves, allspice and red pepper and other spices are pre-boiled.

In this case, the extract, since it is seasoned with vinegar, is not sterilized. Bottles and jars should be taken small, which will allow you to use the extract, which is in any of these containers, for 2-3 days. The stock, diluted with water, can be used for dressing soups, sauces, gravy.

Mushroom freeze.

For this, home refrigerators are used, where the temperature in the corresponding chamber (three stars are marked on it) can be brought to minus 18 degrees. Fresh, fried and dried mushrooms are suitable for freezing. Before laying in the refrigerator, you need to stew and fry the mushrooms in butter, not vegetable. They are stored in plastic bags intended for food at the indicated temperature in the refrigerator: fresh 6-12 months, fried and stewed 3-4. To make any dish out of them is not difficult. Butter for fried and stewed mushrooms must again be taken cream.

Based on materials from the book Handbook mushroom picker.
Yu.K. Doletov.

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