Preparation of paper, plastic and metal shells of hunting cartridges for reloading, checking, calibration, strengthening the base and processing of dulz shells.

Before equipping hunting cartridges, their paper, plastic and metal sleeves should be checked. If for new cartridges this operation is rather a formality, then the quality of cartridges for used hunting cartridges must be checked. 

Preparation of paper, plastic and metal shells of hunting cartridges for reloading, checking, calibration, strengthening the base and processing of dulz shells.

Sleeves having burnouts, cracks, dents must be discarded. The metal sleeves before equipment must be cleaned of soot and oxide with a solution of a weak acid (preferably acetic), and then dried. After this, the sleeves should be calibrated, that is, with light strokes of a wooden hammer to drive through the calibration ring, pre-lubricating the outer surface of the dule with gun or machine oil.

the capsule is also produced at the test stage of the cartridges. In metal sleeves under the “centrifuge”, after removing the capsules, which must be done very carefully, the capsule socket should be inspected, paying particular attention to the state of the anvil. If necessary, clean the ignition holes..

Strengthening the base of paper and plastic cartridges for hunting cartridges.

In used paper and plastic sleeves with the help of a calibration ring, sometimes it is necessary to crimp the metal part of the base. Often, in such cartridges, an expansion of the capsule nest is observed, which does not allow the insertion of a new capsule. To prevent capsule nests from expanding, you can strengthen the paper base of the sleeve.

For this, sleeves with a good capsule nest (both new and used) are immersed with the base in a bath with nitrol varnish, diluted with acetone in a ratio of 3: 1, to a depth of 2-2.5 cm. After impregnation with varnish for 20-25 minutes , the liners are removed from the solution and dried for about a week.

Elimination of the deflection of the bottom of the paper, plastic and metal shells of hunting cartridges.

One of the defects of spent cartridges leading to misfires is the bottom deflection. It can be eliminated with the help of a special device consisting of a massive metal stand and extensions made of metal for paper sleeves, or solid wood for metal sleeves.

Handling of paper and plastic cartridges for hunting cartridges.

When reusing paper and plastic cartridges of hunting cartridges, it is necessary to process their muzzle deforming after firing. For this, plastic sleeves are put on the mandrel, the edge of the muzzle is ironed, the temperature of which is selected empirically. You can also lower the barrel of the sleeve on the mandrel into boiling water for about 30 seconds, and then dry the sleeve.

The mandrel is made of a metal rod with a conical approach. Its diameter should be equal to the inner diameter of the sleeve. For 12-gauge sleeves, brass 16-gauge sleeves with a dulge pressed onto a cone are suitable.

At paper sleeves the edge of a dulce is often fluttered. To strengthen it, the dulce must be lowered into molten paraffin and kept in it until completely saturated (cessation of the release of air bubbles). After that, the sleeve is put on the mandrel and cooled on it. In this case, it is best to crimp the sleeve and the outside with a ring with a hole corresponding to the outer diameter of the barrel.

Paper sleeves are now processed by a hydrophobic compound in production, preventing them from swelling from moisture, but if necessary, they can be processed independently. The outer surface of the tube is treated with drying oil, wax, paraffin or furniture varnish.

After carrying out the above operations, you can actually proceed to equipping hunting cartridges.

Based on materials from the book Fishing tackle and do-it-yourself hunting equipment. Manufacture and repair.
Storozhev Konstantin.

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