Preparation of products for hiking, crackers, sausages, meat, pemmican, cereals, vegetables.

I intentionally do not even provide here an exemplary typical menu or layout of products. Firstly, a lot of literature has already been written on this subject, which can be bought without problems in almost any tourist store. Secondly, due to the reduction in weight requirements, the existing set of products will be influenced to a large extent by the established traditions and preferences of one or another group. But pre-preparation of products will be appropriate. The following recommendations are based on the experience of various tourist groups, as well as materials written by Eugene Polkin. 

Preparing products for a hiking trip.

Making crackers using Ani Mozzhorina’s technology.

Take a loaf of shaped brown bread. Ukrainian or Darnitsky, but not Zavarny and Borodinsky, very hard crackers are obtained from them. Trim all the crusts carefully at the loaf and eat them as the most delicious. Then peeled the crumb like potatoes, cut them in half and cut each half into pieces. Like ordinary slices of bread, you don’t need to grind it, no more than 1 cm thick. We put the slices on a wire rack and place in an open oven, heated to 100-120 degrees. After two hours, it is necessary to check the degree of burnout of crackers if they are already crunching in your hands, then you can take it out into the air and dry it on a newspaper in the room for one day. Such crackers fit well in milk boxes of 20-22 pieces..

, otherwise, the process of cooking and eating will take unreasonably long time. That is why the number of canans in the group should be at least three, for the first, second and tea. In addition to cans, it is advisable to have a ladle with you to distribute food and cuffs, a brush for cleaning the mentioned cans, a cutting board, a can opener, a bonfire mitten for removing cans from the fire. The presence of these simple items greatly facilitates the work of the shift on duty.

Based on materials from the book Stalker Handbook. Alphabet of survival.
Vadim Chernobrov.

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