Preparing criminals and thieves for the penetration and robbery of your apartment.

Far from always robbery of apartments occurs spontaneously. More often, criminals prepare in advance for a robbery. Moreover, the richer the apartment assigned to plunder, the more thoroughly the preparation for the robbery. 

Preparing criminals and thieves for the penetration and robbery of your apartment.

She, this preparation for a robbery, can be noticed by the owners of the attacked apartment if they are attentive and vigilant enough. Indirect signs of criminal interest in your home can be any minor, it would seem, incidents that took place near your door.

, at the request of the owners of their apartment who are away. Many robbers are not satisfied only with external monitoring of other people’s windows and prefer to play it safe with the help of other, including the methods of observation described above.

Any “single” calls to housing offices, post offices, and military registration and enlistment offices should alert the residents. If you do not find the official you are interested in, immediately turn around and run home or call your neighbors asking them to check the front door. Maybe you will be in time. If upon returning you find the door intact, do not rejoice ahead of time, maybe someone tried to lure you into the street, but could not immediately open the door. Then wait for the next agenda.

To a large extent, repeated encounters with an unknown person on your staircase should be suspicious. Take an interest in this person, to whom and why he came. Perhaps your interest in him will be enough to prevent an impending crime. In general, you should try to be as active and curious as possible in the area of ​​your own entrance. This is an element of collective security, when one person notices only one thing, but all.

In such an entrance, it’s difficult for a criminal to keep incognito. Any trifle incident that happened to you, connected with the neighboring “trifle”, can instantly, like a compass needle, indicate a criminal and preparation for a robbery. If someone wandered the stairwells in search of a destination, ask the neighbors if he went to them. If you called from the housing department warning about a routine inspection of the batteries, ask if there was a similar call outside the wall. Or prevention does not extend to neighbors? Try to share information and observations..

Coordinated protection of the inhabitants of the entrance is more reliable than any, the most intricate castle protects your home from thieves, robbers and terrorists. And vice versa, the separation of neighbors (which we often observe in modern apartment buildings) greatly facilitates the life of criminals. Do not go, turning away to the side if you notice a suspicious type at the neighbor’s door. Raise an alarm call a neighbor on the phone home or at work (you just need to know his number in advance), demonstrate to a stranger your interest in him.

When you see people pulling furniture and things down the stairs, look for their owners, ask what is happening. Maybe you are witnessing a general robbery of apartments on the top floor. Always try to be as persistent as possible in clarifying the truth. I know a story when a woman sitting with her friends on a bench near the porch identified her bag in the hands of a guy leaving the entrance.

Hey man, where did you get my bag from? she asked naively.
What, mother, did you fall from the stove? You know how many bags there are in the city! Well, each of yours?
And that’s true, the ashamed woman agreed, watching the guy, the bag and the things lying in it. Its, by the way, things.

Based on materials from the School of Survival during the Economic Crisis.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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