Preparing for a long power outage: Generator and inverter

Generator and extension cords

Question what generator If you are disconnecting from a minimalist point of view. Cheapest and most low-power generator Providing power to your home. If you use technology, then powerful generator You do not need in principle. Quite good generators it is clear that the kit is portable. I have never had any problems with it.

Petrol generator Champion GG951 DC (PRC, Champion; 63 cc; 230 V; 0.72 kW; 4.5 l; 16 kg)Petrol generator Champion GG951 DC (PRC, Champion; 63 cc; 230 V; 0.72 kW; 4.5 l; 16 kg)

This is a device with emergency power supply (I have the same power).

Extension cords that you will use for emergency power supply, Resistance to moisture (IP67) and high mechanical strength. In this case, it is necessary to make it yourself. By the way, and cheaper.

To do this, you will need to purchase in the electrical shop three-wire cable for 220 volts NYM. The tensile strength is greatly reduced.

Cable DUEWI NYM GOST 3x2.5Cable DUEWI NYM GOST 3? 2.5

There is a need to purchase a cable plug and a grounded outlet, preferably in a rubber case. These plugs and sockets are not afraid of moisture.

Cable plug and socket outletCable plug and socket outlet

It’s not a problem.

Other options for getting 220 volts.

If you need a mobile phone or 220 volts? For a very short time? In this case, there is no reason to “drive” generator, burning fuel because there is another option.

For such a case, you need to stock up battery at 12 volts and converter 12 \ 220 volts. If you have a car, you can use it for a similar occasion. Removing it from the car is not necessary. You just need to connect to it converter 12 \ 220 directly in the car and stretch 220 volt extension cable to your consumer.

Such converters, also called “inverter”, are quite economical.

Car inverter Wester PSW250Car inverter Wester PSW250

It should, however, be remembered that when applied the inverter 12 \ 220 volts together with battery, charge of current source (battery). No matter how little you use battery, you still have to charge it, without waiting for the full discharge. If at purchase generator But for the 220 volts output, Amps at 12 volts on a separate connector).

Combining generator and inverter, you can build a fairly “flexible” emergency power supply system. In addition, you can purchase additional batteries and alternately use them.

All these are the easiest ways to emergency maintain power supply Your house. Nevertheless, you’ve been able to approach this issue.


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