Preparing for an emergency: Doing it right

It is a winding rainbow on the shutters. I (Travis pike, The author of the article – approx. It is about to break out. Has this made me a survivalist or a pioneer? Of course call me that. Although I can’t follow this label, I just follow the voice of common sense. I like your preparation for a tornado or flood.

The cornerstone of emergency preparedness is to develop a plan. And people usually behave as if a hurricane appears from nowhere. Watched the panic going on. People rushed back and forth, losing their sanity. Bottled water sold out, like batteries, most flashlights too. And no chips. Ice cream and rolling DVD. It was a few hours before the arrival of the hurricane. (Nightmare – how to survive chips, then … Approx. Editor)

Basics of preparation

Bad preparation is the forerunner of disastrous consequences. My wife got acquainted with the principles of the “preparers”. My service in the marines taught me a few lessons. One of them has always been a plan. After all, even at least three days.

We have shelter

Next point preparing for an emergency a place to evacuate. We can choose our second home. If you can be unusable. Next, we try to recognize.

It is a public shelter and a peace, If you are on the go It is not a reason to remember that it’s not a reason.

It is important to have there. Get ready to move in advance. Roads can be a nightmare. You can change your schedule. Get ready early, do not delay to the last.

We have equipment

So, we packed up clothes, weapons, cartridges, and are ready to move. We grabbed batteries, flashlights, candles and a car kit, including a small pump, tire patches, and false lights. Enough to last at least three days. Finally, we cant be stolen if we can’t get it for a long time. Anything that may suffer from water is protected from its penetration. I know my gear. I know how long the flashlight will last. Every car is filled to the top. Before the hurricane reaches us.

Your equipment is at your discretion. I can only offer the most thing: a three-day supply of food and water. Count one gallon of water per person Food can be anything from the rations to peanut butter and bread. It doesn’t require refrigerated storage.

You should have some good flashlights and some cheap caches. Us. I couldn’t find out if I’ve been in troubled situations. Headlamp in the car. If you turn on the lights, you’ve turned on.

Maintain hygiene

I would like to recommend hygiene supplies. Mandatory small first aid kit Ours was comrade stepped on a nail, hammering shutters.

I also need to advocate for electronics. It can be a condition that it has been sold out. I like the lights on the CR123, as they are not snapped up from the shelves in anticipation of emergencies. My TLR 3 is powered by C2 batteries, which are sufficient in the photo departments.

// It’s not a problem. There are also lights powered by both the CR123 and AA. The CR123 as a backup – approx. trans. //

As for the alarm sets, we do not use them. Do not disturb them. It’s not a problem.

We have a plan

We do it calmly, without panic and fuss. This is the most important part of our preparation, survivalism, call it what you want. We had behavior plan and we knew what this place was, even for our child. He put on a few toys. We plunged into both cars because we knew what to do.

Please note that there is no emphasis on the “I”, since we worked as a team. We were preparing for a team, and in everything – food, water, equipment, plan and worldview. We practiced our understanding of our plan. We had interaction, we made decisions together. I’m listening to what you’re listening to. This could be prevented by a plan and equipment. If you are late, you are late.

Always ready

Get what you need right now. Water, food, batteries, flashlights. Plan your plan now. Get ready to leave your belongings. It could have been an “evacuation for newbies” article, but Not physically, but internally.

Original article – Disaster Preparation | Doing it right

Preparing for an emergency: Doing it right

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