Preppers and Survivors: Why it’s good

There is a phenomenon in the post-Soviet space – the survivalist. It is not particularly necessary. It can be used as a pathway through the winter season.

At least survivors they want such an impression about them. In fact, everything is a little different.

Yes, the subjects are in reality. That’s just on the Internet, they usually do not appear. They do not have the Internet, in the dugout something. Or in a deaf Russian village. Orchestraste of the boundless steppe. Or in a hunting borrower somewhere in the taiga. But this is where the real ones live. survivors, The cataclysms and wars.

As for those who pathetically declares himself survivors… Here with everything is sad.

Yes, I will make a reservation in advance. Editorial team survivor. It is interested in Even some skills are. And we train. Sometimes. Therefore, if Big Pi … Eq doesn’t come, we have chances to survival. Or rather, we sincerely hope that our chances are more than those of ordinary people.

But no, we are not survivors. We really love our business and are ready to share knowledge. Personally worked out other sources.

But it makes it possible to distinguish us from ordinary people. It is a little bit of chance.

Actually, the idea of ​​“being prepared” is a bit different from the concept of “survive in any situation”. Therefore, we do not survivors. We are those in the west called “preppers“. Literal translation -“preparers“It is better to use simple tracing paper – preppers.

So …

What is the difference between the survivalist and the prepper?

The main difference is prepper ready for any absolutely specific situation.

There wasn’t gopniki Have prepper it is a lawsuit that it will help. Moreover, he was trained to use these methods, a trauma, or a concealed carry-on firearm. If you need to reflexes them in practice, you can learn how to use them.

The survivor however, it is theoretically ready for a similar situation. But then we’re incredible, you’re not sure. Yes, he knows how to beat them, even practiced independently. But is he ready to live? So immediately, without preparation. Most firmly believe that yes. Well, as they say, God forbid.

And now you’re a situation.

Have prepper Food and weapons. He has been rehearsed repeatedly. But if the shelter is out, then prepper He is simply not ready for this.

Concerning survivor, then he frankly don’t care. Get to the caches with grub – great. Do not get – he knows how to do it.

Actually, it’s clear from the west.

we We’ve been counting for a long time. You need to crawl out.

They The situation itself will slowly settle. Some order will return, something similar to civil society will appear. And how to live in such a society – they already know.

In short, the approach preppers less flexible and more flexible. Simple algorithms, clear guidelines. But if things are not going according to plan, then prepper It is a bit better than an ordinary person.

An approach survivors long run. Seriously, 10 years later, when the survivors BP will rake the consequences survivors. If they hold on these 10 years, of course. It will come a long time ago.

But we are talking about what you need to do. Saving it out of the paper … In short, even worse than nothing.

If you have any Internet armies, “I’ve got to know everything.” A fire all night long.

In short, we advocate a prepersonal approach to business, equipped with additional useful knowledge. Yes, they can be used! It is not necessary to complete the algorithm.

Preppers and Survivors: What

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