Pressing in the capsules, measuring and filling the gunpowder with independent equipment of hunting cartridges, the approximate mass ratio of the gun, shotgun and gunpowder.

It is not necessary to equip each hunting cartridge separately from the beginning to the end, from pressing capsules, filling powder and rolling. The most convenient thing is to immediately equip a large, 50-100 pieces, batch of cartridges, if this, of course, is not bullet or card cartridges, which usually do not require so many. 

Pressing in capsules, measuring and filling of gunpowder with independent equipment of hunting cartridges, an approximate ratio of the mass of a gun, shotgun and a sample of gunpowder.

With independent equipment of hunting cartridges, each operation is carried out sequentially with the entire batch of cartridges. Each work is faster and more successful with the proper organization of the workplace. At home, they usually work on a table previously free of all foreign objects. Under your hands should be only the necessary tools with which you can equip hunting cartridges quickly, efficiently and with minimal effort. It is desirable to cover the table with a sheet of clean paper or cardboard.

To work with gunpowder and shot, it is desirable to have a wide pallet with low sides. During the equipment of cartridges, one should not be distracted, talk with strangers, etc. In general, it is sometimes recommended to equip cartridges alone, however, with good coordination, two people, working on the basis of the conveyor belt, successfully cope with the work, and the time it takes to complete it naturally decreases . It is also better for a novice hunter to equip ammunition paired with a more experienced friend. In no case should you smoke, light matches, etc..

Pressing caps into the cartridges of hunting cartridges.

Pressing the capsules into the cartridges of the hunting cartridges is carried out after checking and preparing the cartridges. It is most convenient to press-fit the capsules with the UPS or Barclay device. You can use other devices. The capsule should enter the nest tightly, without distortions. It should be planted flush or 0.1-0.15 mm below the bottom of the sleeve.

Open capsules with a “centroid” in cartridges of 12–20 calibers are best used in combination with smoke powder, and when using non-smoke powder, add a few grains of smoke powder to the capsule nest. In small-caliber cartridges, the “centroid” also ignites smokeless powder well.

When working with capsules, gunpowder should be removed as far as possible. After the capsules are inserted into all the cartridges, the remaining capsules are removed and proceed to the next operation – measuring and filling the gunpowder shells.

Measuring and filling gunpowder in cartridges of hunting cartridges.

Smokeless powder has a limited shelf life. Usually it is 5-6 years, subject to all storage conditions – up to 10 years. Under no circumstances should hunting cartridges be charged with expired gunpowder with a sour smell. Also, do not mix smoke powder with smokeless and use gunpowder of an unknown brand.

Gunpowder is weighed on the scales with an accuracy of 0.05 grams (preferably up to 0.02 grams), and then, using a funnel or some other device, is poured into the sleeve. You can measure the gunpowder with a measure or use a dispenser, but before measuring out the manual measure or the metering of the dispenser must be checked by weighing the measured charge. You should also make control weighing charges after 10-15 measurements.

When working with smoky gunpowder, a measure set to the desired charge volume can be checked less frequently – after 20-30 measurements. When equipping cartridges with Bars gunpowder, it’s better not to use measurements at all, but to weigh each charge.

There are various points of view on the possibility of measuring the charge of smokeless powder. In particular, according to the instructions for the Sokol gunpowder, this is prohibited. In fact, a well-established measure gives fluctuations in the mass of gunpowder up to 0.1 grams, and a dispenser up to 0.05 grams, so when using medium or small attachments, the use of the measure is quite acceptable.

If the samples are close to the maximum for the given gun, the gunpowder should be weighed, since when measuring the mass of the gunpowder can exceed the allowable one, which will lead to a strong increase in pressure in the trunks, their greater wear and, possibly, deformation.

When equipping cartridges for firing a bullet or large buckshot, as well as cartridges for checking ammunition, that is, in cases where the most stable battle is required, gunpowder must be weighed for each cartridge, preferably with high accuracy (0.01 g). When equipping bullet and cartridges, as well as cartridges for checking the battle of a gun, only new plastic and paper shells should be used.

Features of measuring and filling gunpowder with equipment for hunting cartridges.

When measuring gunpowder with a manual measure, all movements should be uniform. Measuring involves several stages. First, with a smooth movement of his right hand, they scoop out the powder from the can. In this case, it is desirable that the measurement each time falls to approximately the same depth and does not hit the walls of the can. Then, with the left hand, they take the empty sleeve and carefully shift the excess that protrudes over the edges of the measurement. After that, the powder from the measurement is poured into the sleeve, and the sleeve itself is set aside from empty shells, so that there is no confusion.

It is best to place a batch of empty cartridges on the left hand, and rearrange the cartridges filled with gunpowder to the right. Unless, of course, you are left-handed. It is advisable to put the sleeves in the nests of a special board in order to avoid their falling and spilling of gunpowder. If the amount of gunpowder in the bank has decreased to half its height, it is better to add it. A measure filled with gunpowder should not be tapped or shaken, as this can seal the gunpowder and increase the mass of the charge.

The charge of gunpowder in a cartridge can be different depending on the caliber of the gun, its mass and the degree of deterioration of the barrels, as well as on the time of year (air temperature), the type of projectile used by the capsule and wad, and, finally, on the type of hunting for which this cartridge is intended.

There are several key patterns to keep in mind..

1. The mass of the charge of gunpowder and the mass of the projectile are proportionally related to the mass of the gun. The lighter the gun, the less shot and gunpowder you need to use.
2. In old guns, the charges should be slightly reduced. It is better to shoot from such rifles with cartridges loaded with smoky gunpowder. Ammunition for firing guns that do not have a hallmark about testing barrels with gunpowder of this type cannot be equipped with smokeless gunpowder.
3. It should not be without special need to get involved in large charges of gunpowder. This, as a rule, does not improve the battle of the gun. On the packages of gunpowder, maximum weights are indicated, it is best to use charges of a slightly lower mass. Excessively large charges can cause barrel deformation..

4. In summer, smaller amounts of gunpowder are used than in winter. The difference in the weight for the “summer” and “winter” cartridges is not less than 0.1 g.
5. The charge of gunpowder varies depending on the type of wad used. If we take felt wads as a basis, then when they are replaced with polyethylene obturators, the mass of gunpowder is reduced by about 0.2 g, if wood-fiber wads are used, then the mass of gunpowder should be increased by about 0.1 g.
6. When firing cartridges or bullet cartridges, the weight of gunpowder, as a rule, is slightly greater than when firing shotgun cartridges. All other things being equal, somewhat larger hinges are used when equipping long-range cartridges compared to short-range cartridges..

The approximate mass ratio of the gun, shotgun and a sample of gunpowder.

Pressing in the capsules, measuring and filling the gunpowder with independent equipment of hunting cartridges, the approximate mass ratio of the gun, shotgun and gunpowder.

It must be remembered that in each case, the best results for a particular gun used on a particular hunt are derived empirically. The calculation of the approximate mass of the charge and shell for the 24th and 10th calibers is carried out according to the ratios of the nearest calibres, but it should be remembered that the guns of these calibres are old, usually with worn trunks.

In this regard, gunpowder samples should be taken at the lower limit and in the future, if the quality of the shot does not satisfy you, very carefully increase them. However, starting the shooting with charges close to the minimum follows from rifles of all calibers. At the end of the work with gunpowder, it must be removed from the desktop. After this, you can proceed to the next operation on the equipment of hunting cartridges – chewing.

Based on materials from the book Fishing tackle and do-it-yourself hunting equipment. Manufacture and repair.
Storozhev Konstantin.

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