Pressing wood traps, mousetraps, rat traps, a trap for catching squirrels, device, principle of operation, installation features and guards.

Wood pressure traps, mousetraps and rat traps are traps on a metal or wooden base with a pressure frame, multi-coil springs, a rod gatehouse and a hook-shaped guard. 

Pressing wood traps, mousetraps, rat traps, trap for catching squirrels, device, principle of operation, installation and warning features.

The most famous are the usual clapperboard mousetraps (position a). It consists of nine metal parts. Two multi-coil springs, a pressing frame, a gatehouse and a guard, reinforced with four brackets on a plank. In a guarded state, the pressure frame is held by a pivot gate, which is pivotally attached with a bracket to the plank at one end, and is held by the loop or hook of the guard on the other..

To attract the animal to the ksamolov, a bait is placed on the guard. Touching her, the animal pulls off the guard and thereby frustrates the airplanes. These traps in an enlarged form are used for catching barn rats. More reliable in operation and convenient for production, the universal Hero rat trap with a pedal guard (position b). The dimensions of its parts are 1.5 times larger than that of a mousetrap.

Pressing wood traps, mousetraps, rat traps, a trap for catching squirrels, device, principle of operation, installation features and guards.

Its frame (1) is made of 4.4 mm thick wire, 90 mm wide and long. A multi-coil, coil spring (2) is wound from a 1.7 mm thick elastic wire. A core gatehouse (3) is also made of the same wire. Instead of a wire guard with a hook, a plate (4) curved at right angles, cut from 0.8 mm thick roofing iron, was used. On the corner of the bend of the guard, the shoulders are cut down for hinging to the wooden base.

On the vertical plane, closer to the upper edge, a round hole (5) is punched, the edge of which is hooked to the end of the gatehouse, thrown over the frame in the working position. A sharp spike (6) is cut out on the lower plane, directed towards the middle of the plate, a bait is pierced on it. Swivel joints of a rotating frame, guards and gatehouse are best done not on wire brackets, but in the form of a stamped eye, driven into a wooden board and bent on the underside (positions b, b1).

A rat trap with a frame size of 90×90 mm has a selective ability – it catches only adult rats. Mice roach unsettling it without falling into the zone of capture of the frame, and often leave the ends of severed tails trapped. To prevent such spans, a pressure frame should be twisted every 10 mm with several jumpers from a 1.5–2 mm wire.

Such universal mouse trap rattraps catch rats, rat rats and mice, which is very important, as these rodents have no regularity in the order of visits to the mousetrap. By using this bait, you can successfully trap water rats and hamsters using bait. All manufacturers of mousetraps and rat traps are recommended to make universal rat trap mousetraps according to the last described sample..

Striped mousetraps on a metal base made of strip iron.

Mousetraps are known, similar to rat traps, on a metal base with a pressure frame made of strip iron (position e). In the fishery for squirrels and other tree frogs, these traps are attached to the tree with nails. The trap consists of a bed (1) with two racks for attaching the frame (4) and two multi-coil springs (5). A crosspiece (2) is riveted to the bed, on the free end of which a hook-shaped gatehouse (3) is pivotally attached. The upper end of the gatehouse is designed to hold the pressure frame in a guarded position, and the lower end is for the bait nozzle. The pressure frame has a wire handle (6), which enters the slots with a serrated notch and locks the trap after its descent, preventing the caught animal from twisting out from under the frame.

Wood trap for catching squirrels made according to the principle of action of a rat trap.

A fairly wide distribution was found in the squirrel fishery by a wood trap by Ya. S. Rusanov, made according to the principle of action of a rat trap. It has a crutch made of a steel strip 190 mm long, 15 mm wide and 4 mm thick. At one end, the crutch is sharpened by a 45 mm wedge. A hole was made in this place in which the axis of a 5 mm steel rod is pressed into the middle.

On this axis, on both sides of the crutch, two multi-coil cylindrical springs from an elastic 3 mm wire and a U-shaped pressure bracket bent from a 5 mm wire with sides of 125 mm and bent at the ends of the hinge rings with a diameter of 5 mm are put on (5 mm) position c). Two more holes 4 mm in diameter were punched on the crutch. One in the middle for a hook-shaped guard, and the second at the upper end for a wire flip gate made of 3 mm wire.

Watch out and install this trap as follows. The spring-loaded pressure bracket is rotated around the axis 360 degrees and the gatehouse is thrown over it. They press it to the crutch and, holding it with one hand, place the crutch perpendicular to the thick tree and hammer it with an ax over the entire length of the wedge – to the axis. Then, without letting go of the guard, a guard is put on its end with the bait on it..

On top of a crutch and a fixed bracket, put a piece of bark or a bunch of coniferous branches, which protect the trap from skidding with snow and limit the squirrel’s access to the bait from above outside the catchment zone of the bracket. To remove the trap from the tree, it is necessary to swing the crutch from side to side and from top to bottom, gently tapping it with an ax, being careful not to break at the place of fixing the axis in it.

The trap, subject to the production technology, turns out to be quite suitable for squirrel fishing, but it cannot be attached to thin trees. Reliable and taut springs are needed so that the bow kills the squirrel or keeps it pressed against the tree until the hunter arrives. Sometimes, when a wedge is boarded up in a damp frozen tree, it suddenly flies out of the tree with force.

Based on materials from the book Hunting Samolov and Unauthorized Fishing. Directory.
Gerasimov Yu. A.

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