Prevention and assistance with bites of ticks, bees, wasps, ants, fleas, spiders, scorpions, centipedes, caterpillars, leeches.

A tick is dangerous as a carrier of the tick-borne encephalitis virus, which is transmitted by its bites. This severe disease of the central nervous system is accompanied by severe headaches, cramps, vomiting, and paralysis. Ticks love moist, dark places with dense undergrowth and tall grass, aspen, raspberry. 

Prevention and assistance with bites of ticks, bees, wasps, ants, fleas, spiders, scorpions, centipedes, caterpillars, leeches.

Ticks are especially active in the morning and evening. The tick bite is invisible, as it injects an anesthetic into the wound. Therefore, a sucking parasite is noticed by itching and inflammation of the skin often only for 2-3 days. The tick bites into the most secluded places: axillary hollows, neck (especially behind the ears), groin.

, because by shaking the ticks do not remove. In case of detection of a tick that has sunk into the body, you need to lubricate this place with petroleum jelly, oil and it will come out by itself. Then the tick must be carefully removed from the skin, trying not to crush it and not leave the head in the wound. Then the affected area of ​​the skin must be disinfected. If after a few days the victim feels bad, then he needs to ensure complete peace and take measures for hospitalization.

Prevention and care for bee and wasp stings.

The bites of an excited swarm of bees, wasps or hornets can be dangerous and even fatal. Avoid their nests, but if you were attacked by them, dive into a dense bush or undergrowth. The twigs bent by you, returning to their original position, will drive them away. Bee and wasp stings should be taken seriously, as in some people, bee or wasp stings can cause a severe general reaction with fever. Swelling, burning, redness, swelling of the skin occur immediately after a bite and finally disappear after a day or two.

The sting of the bee is carefully removed with tweezers or a needle and a gauze moistened with ammonia diluted with water (1: 5) is applied and a cold lotion is placed on top. You can not sprinkle the wound with earth, ash, clay, since you can bring the infection. With significant edema and severe burning, suprastin, diphenhydramine, pipolfen (1-2 tablets throughout the day) must be taken. To the place of the bee sting, you can attach a tablet of validol, the pain will disappear. The bite site is recommended to be greased with balsam.

Prevention and assistance with bites of flies and ants.

If flies worry you, the places of their greatest congestion are poured with boiling water. A fresh mushroom mushroom extract is used. So that there are no flies in the camp, monitor the cleanliness of dishes, hide the food left over after cooking, bury leftover food and all garbage away from the camp. At halts, ants often annoy. To save sugar and other food from them, you need to pour a thin roll of wood ash from the fire around the backpacks with products. No ant would dare to overcome this obstacle. Horseflies and gadflies are often pestering in hot sunny weather, and the midge usually attacks at a certain time of the day and disappears after an hour or two. Means used to protect against mosquitoes can also be used to protect against flies..

Prevention and assistance with flea bites.

These small wingless insects can be extremely dangerous in some places, because they can carry the plague from rodents. If you use a rodent as food in such places, hang the animal immediately after it has been killed and do not touch it until it cools. Fleas are found only on warm bodies. To protect against fleas, use appropriate powder against them and put on gaiters or boots that are tightly fitted to your feet. Primitive settlements are usually infected with lice. Try to avoid Aboriginal premises and personal contact..

If you are bitten by a louse, try not to scratch this place, because only accelerate the penetration of the infection. It is in this way that you can become infected with typhus and relapse fever. If you do not have a powder against lice, you can get rid of them by boiling your clothes. If this is not possible, then expose your body and clothing, especially its seams, to the sun for several hours to cleanse lice. After that, wash yourself, preferably with soap. If there is no soap, use sand or other natural sediments of the river bottom, which will successfully replace it. Examine the scalp frequently to detect parasites in a timely manner..

Prevention and assistance with spider bites.

With the exception of species such as black widow, hourglass, brown or hermit, spiders are generally not dangerous. There are no known cases of fatal or serious consequences of their bites, except for bites of a tarantula. You should avoid the black widow, who, together with other members of the family, is found in the tropics, because her bite hurts and can cause swelling and even death. All these spiders are black with white, yellow or red dots. Severe stomach cramps may follow the bite, lasting one or two days intermittently. By mistake, sometimes you can take pain in the stomach from indigestion or an attack of appendicitis for the consequences of a spider bite.

Prevention and assistance with bites of scorpions and phalanges.

The bite of this usually small insect is painful and often fatal. Some large varieties of scorpion are very dangerous and their bite leads to death. Scorpions are found in separate large territories and pose a real danger when falling on clothes, shoes or bedding. Shake your clothes well before putting them on. The effects on the human body of the poison of black scorpion and karakurt are very similar. Medical assistance in all cases is almost the same. Dangerous bites of a thick-tailed or black scorpion, as well as a Karakurt spider. It is necessary to apply emergency measures.

Without wasting time on applying the tourniquet and aspirating the poison, it is necessary to immediately introduce antivenant serum to the patient. Existing anti-Karakurt serum also helps with a scorpion bite. In the absence of it, you can use anti-snake serum antikobra or antigyurza. These serums are administered in the same doses as with a snake bite. A dressing soaked in a solution of potassium permanganate must be applied to the wound.

Drink plenty of water and tea. In addition to the bite, a cold compress or dirt is placed. In the tropics, coconut contents may come in handy for this. Some mistakenly attribute to the poisonous and phalanx. However, the phalanx has no poisonous glands, its bite is not toxic, although it is painful. Bite pain arises from strong squeezing of the skin with its jaws. Damage from a bite of the phalanx can be if pathogenic microbes are brought into the wound, therefore it is necessary to treat the bite as a contaminated wound, not forgetting to introduce tetanus toxoid.

Prevention and assistance with bites of centipedes and caterpillars.

Centipedes are very common in the tropics and some of their large varieties can cause severe pain with their bite. They often bite a person, especially in cases where they cannot avoid meeting him. Like scorpions, they are dangerous only when trapped in objects, the clothes we wear. Centipedes and caterpillars sometimes cause a large, painful tumor (when they are swept away from the skin against the fur).

Caterpillars can also cause painful blisters. Numerous contacts with some varieties of the so-called electric tracks found in Central and South America can lead to death. Shaggy tracks can bring troubles. Contact with them causes a burning sensation, a sharp inflammation of the skin (dermatitis). Among them, a large caterpillar of a dark brown color, known by the name of a priest dog, is especially poisonous. Her hairs dig into the skin of her hands and prick like needles.

Prevention and assistance with leech bites.

These blood-sucking organisms are widespread in many territories. They cling and stick to grass, foliage or branches and adhere firmly to animals and humans passing by. Their bite creates discomfort, leads to loss of blood and may be accompanied by infection. Leeches can be taken out by burning them with a burning cigarette, match, wet tobacco or using insect repellents (insecticides).

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